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2008 Atlanta Road Meeting Trip, Day 3
Jan. 13, 2008

These photos are from my trip to the 2008 roadgeek meeting held Jan. 12 in Decatur, Ga., a suburb of Atlanta. These photos are from Day 2 of my trip, from Knoxville, Tenn. where I spent the previous night, home to Beattyville, Ky. To view the full-sized photos, click on one of the thumbnails on this page. You will then be presented with navigation controls to view the images on individual Web pages as a slide show.

This VMS warns of a lane closure on I-640 eastbound. It's located on I-40/I-75 on the west side of Knoxville.

Overhead for TN 332 exit.

Overheads on the ramp from I-40/I-75 to TN 332 and Papermill Road.

TN 332 marker.

Approaching US 11/70, Kingston Pike in Knoxville.

Tennessee uses these unique arrows with the direction indicated. Very clever and informative.

This one's on US 11/70 heading into town.

Signage as TN 332 approaches I-40/I-75.

Overheads for I-640 and I-75's split from I-40.

I-40 and I-75 signage.

More overheads approaching I-640.

Hazardous cargo warning on I-40.

I-640's western beginning and I-75's split from I-40.

Exit numbers on the shared portion of I-75 and I-640 use exit numbers for the three-digit route.

The mileage reference markers use I-640 instead of I-75.

At the TN 62 exit.

Overheads on the ramp from I-640 to TN 62.

Overhead for I-75 and I-275.

A separate sign for northbound US 25W.

Lane designation for the ramp from I-275.

The US 25W exit.

Lane designation diagrammatic overhead for I-640, I-75 and I-275.

This is the split of I-75 from I-640.

Exit signage for US 441.

Lane designation overhead for US 441.

At the US 441 exit.

Junction signage for TN 331 on US 441 north.

Overheads for US 441/TN 33. Tazewell Pike is also TN 331, not signed on these overheads.

TN 33 is co-signed with US 441.

View of US 441 heading north out of Knoxville toward Hall's Crossroads.

US 441 splits from TN 33 at Hall's Crossroads. TN 131 intersects here as well.

TN 33 continues straight. Interesting that Middlesboro, Ky. is referenced here instead of Tazewell.

At the turn for US 441.

TN 33 heads north out of the Knoxville metro area.

TN 131 splits away.

Typical view of TN 33 between Knoxville and Maynardville.

Another good view of the highway, which is on good alignment with questionable pavement condition.

Large portions of the road have four lanes.

TN 61 intersects outside of Maynardville.

The two routes run together for several miles.

Unusual signage of a multiplex of a Tennessee state primary and secondary route.

TN 144 intersects in Maynardville.

Faded TN 33 sign.

TN 144 splits from TN 33/61.

The two routes are still co-signed north of TN 144.

Tennessee typically uses a junction assembly to mark the end of a multiplex instead of an advance turn arrow.

Split of TN 33 and TN 61.

Approaching Norris Lake, the route is more hilly and crooked.

Approaching the bridge across Norris Lake.

Crossing Norris Lake on an old truss bridge.

Beyond the Norris Lake project limits, the road widens and straightens again.

Approaching the relocated junction of US 25E in Tazewell.

A wide load restriction sign on US 25E due to construction to complete the four-laning between I-81 and I-75.

Approaching the relocated US 25E intersection.

This is the beginning of a wrong-way multiplex of US 25E south and TN 33 north.

On US 25E heading north toward Kentucky.

TN 345 intersection in Tazewell.

This is a view of one of the last portions of US 25E between Tazewell and the Kentucky state line to be widened to four lanes.

Unusual font for the numbers in this speed limit sign. North Carolina also uses a similar font for the 5's in many of its speed limit signs.

Looking ahead to the Cumberland Gap as US 25E approaches TN 63.

Junction sign for TN 63.

TN 63 makes the transition from secondary to primary highway at US 25E.

TN 63 joins US 25E briefly at Harrogate.

US 25E and TN 63.

The split of TN 63 from US 25W.

The typical parade of red signs as US 25E approaches the Cumberland Gap Tunnel.

Brown guide sign near the US 58 exit.

Exit sign for the western terminus of US 58.

Overhead at the ramp to US 58

The southern portal to the Cumberland Gap Tunnel.

Daniel Boone Cumberland Gap Wilderness Trail sign on US 25E in Kentucky.

Middlesboro is home to actor Lee Majors.

Sign for US 25E and KY 74.

KY 74 and US 25E signage.

Welcome sign for Middlesboro located at the KY 74 intersection.

Heading north on US 25E.

This sign assembly in downtown Barbourville is not quite correct. That actually is KY 6 that turns to the right.

This sign is also incorrect in its treatment of KY 6.

KY 11 joins US 25E for a short distance in Barbourville.

Is this where they bury engines that no longer work? This sign on KY 11 south of Manchester has always been humorous to me. Actually, there is an Engine Branch in this area, hence the name Engine Cemetery.

KY 11 joins US 421/KY 80 near Manchester.

Split of US 421 and KY 11 from KY 80 at Manchester.

North US 421 and KY 11.

Do the math! On US 421 north of Manchester.

Split of KY 11 and US 421 at Burning Springs, north of Manchester.

Heading away from US 421 on KY 11.

Typical view of KY 11 between US 421 and Oneida (pronounced Oh-knee-duh).

Approaching KY 66 at Oneida.

KY 11 and KY 66. The white stripes on the pavement are the result of the application of brine in anticipation of snowfall. The brine makes the initial accumulation of snow easier to push off the road because it inhibits the snow's bonding with the pavement.

Looking south on KY 11 at the KY 66 intersection.

Heading north on KY 11 from Oneida. Only 31 more miles until I'm home!

Approaching KY 30 and KY 28 in Booneville. Note two different fonts in the JCT plates.

KY 11, KY 28 and KY 30 on the courthouse square in Booneville.

KY 30 and KY 28.

On KY 28 approaching the route's western terminus.

This is the western terminus of KY 28, at the courthouse square in Booneville.

More courthouse square signage.

And still more. Straight ahead is the old alignment of KY 11/30 before the road was relocated in the mid-1980s.

This is opposite the photo taken six frames ago (that has KY 11, 28 and 30 with a three-way stop sign).

Heading out of Booneville.

Split of KY 30 from KY 11 at Levi in Owsley County.

Standalone Mountain Parkway sign on KY 11 beyond KY 30.

Approaching KY 52 and KY 1411 in Beatthville.

Home at last!

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