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2008 Buffalo Road Meet Trip
Day 4: OH-KY
Oct. 19, 2008

These photos are from my trip to the 2008 Buffalo road meet held on Saturday, Oct. 18. These photos are from Day 4 of the trip and are from Ohio and Kentucky. The 269 photos are spread out over two pages of thumbnails. Use the arrow buttons in the upper left corner of the page to navigate the thumbnail pages. To view the full-sized photos, click on one of the thumbnails on this page. You will then be presented with navigation controls to view the images on individual Web pages as a slide show.

Day 4's photos start with US 22/40 in Cambridge, Ohio.

East on I-70.

Why the term "actuate" is used instead of the more readily understood "activate" is beyond me.

Nice button copy sign.

We have one of these in Kentucky, too.

"You don't live in Cleveland, you live in Cincinnati!" --Sam Wyche

On the inner loop of I-270.

A quick jaunt up I-71 north to get to OH 104.

Interesting change of directions for OH 104.