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Central Kentucky Photos
Winter 2007-08

These photos are from various trips through Central Kentucky during the winter of 2007-08. To view the full-sized photos, click on one of the thumbnails on this page. You will then be presented with navigation controls to view the images on individual Web pages as a slide show.

A new exit has opened on I-75 in Madison County, Ky., between Richmond and Berea. This photo was taken on an overcast day in November 2007 before all the exit signs were installed.

The new exit signage is in Clearview.

More Clearview.

All-caps Clearview.

A very small font is used for the numbers on this sign.

This is a view of the construction on Duncannon Lane between I-75 and US 25/421 to widen the road to four lanes.

Another Duncannon Road construction shot.

This photograph is on KY 15 north in Breathitt County and was taken in February 2008. It shows the start of a project to widen a portion of the road to four lanes.

Traffic is using the southbound lanes of the four-lane KY 15 facility.

Work on the bridge crossing Frozen Creek and KY 1812. Beyond the bridge, traffic switches over to the northbound lanes.

Here traffic is in the northbound lanes of KY 15. This is approaching the junction of KY 205 and KY 1812 near Vancleve in Breathitt County.

This sign is on the KY 15 spur near Campton. The sign used to have an old style round Mountain Parkway shield. That shield was removed when Kentucky adopted the new "Unbridled Spirit" parkway logo signs but a new sign wasn't put in its place, probably because there's no room for it.

KY 15 spur enters the Mountain Parkway, which goes from four to two lanes eastbound (and two to four westbound) here.

The next several photos are of exit signage along the Mountain Parkway's four-lane section westbound from Campton to Winchester.

This new sign is in Clearview, and was installed to replace a sign that was knocked over in an automobile accident.

This is the partial interchange of KY 1057. A project is in the design phase to add ramps on the other side of the bridge.


This is the KY 15 overpass at Exit 16. It looks like the truck might roll off the side due to the superelevation. This is the last exit on the Mountain Parkway before the terminus at I-64.

Approaching the end of the Mountain Parkway at I-64. There is another junction assembly on the other side of the road but I didn't capture it in this shot.

The bridge crossing the westbound lanes of I-64.

The Mountain Parkway comes to an end as the road merges into westbound I-64.

Now on wesbound I-64 at Winchester, heading toward Lexington.

This is on KY 627 north at I-64.

There used to be a companion sign for US 27/68 and KY 922 to keep right, but it got knocked down by contracted mowers and never got put back up.

I-75 through Fayette County is named for the Tuskeegee Airmen -- and in Clearview no less!

Clearview exit gore signage is becoming very common in Kentucky.


This photo is on KY 922 south at the interstates in Lexington.

Horizontal traffic signals are not frequently used in Kentucky. This is on KY 922 just north of KY 4.

The yellow Exit sign is a flipdown detour sign for use when the interstate has to be closed.

This is on the outer loop of New Circle Road.

Multi-color Clearview!

Another Clearview exit gore sign.

Cable barriers have been installed along much of the limited-access portion of New Circle Road to help prevent crossover accidents, which plagued this stretch of roadway.

Another good shot of the cable barrier system.

More multi-color goodness!

Multi-color Clearview goodness!

Clearview on US 68 west, heading out of Lexington.

US 68 in Jessamine County. A construction project is underway to realign this portion of roadway.

Not sure whether this refers to KY 29, which dead-ends at High Bridge, or US 68, which descends a steep hill and crosses the Kentucky River.

Interesting looking sign.

This railroad trestle is on KY 29 at High Bridge.

Looking underneath High Bridge, which is a railroad bridge crossing the Kentucky River.

Heading back east on US 68 toward Lexington.

This is on the US 27 bypass in Nicholasville.

On the outer loop of New Circle Road on Lexington's east side.


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