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Kentucky-Ohio-West Virginia
Corridor D Blennerhassett Island Bridge/New US 35
Oct. 10, 2008
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This sign is a bit confusing...

Note the little green "Business Loop US 50" sign.

The new Blennerhassett Island bridge carring US 50 across the Ohio River.

At the end of the ramp from US 50 to WV 68.

No end signage for WV 892 exists here, but this is the end of that route.

An overpass is being built to carry River Hill Road across US 50.

Looking into Ohio.

The US 50 signs are gone, now this is only OH 32 and OH 618.

OH 32 runs right to the bridge crossing the Ohio River into Parkersburg.

Greenouts have been used to cover up the US 50 markers on guide signs such as this one.

This shows that OH 32 is signed and continues right to the Ohio River bridge.

Heading east on OH 618, approaching the OH 32 intersection.

This is a good shot of the greenout covering the old US 50 marker.

Sign for the Memorial Bridge, the toll bridge from Belpre to Parkersburg.

Getting ready to cross the Memorial Bridge.

At the end of the bridge.

This shows the renumbering of US 50 and the bridge as WV 618 -- on a Texas-style goalpost support.

This marker is mounted on the bridge and shows that US 50 is now WV 618.

Nice view of the button copy.

The ramp to the new bridge from south OH 7.

You'll see a lot of button copy in the next several photo.