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2008 Michigan Road Meet Trip
Dec. 18-22, 2008
Day 1 (Thursday, 12/18), Page 2

Entering Eaton.

Older signage in Eaton, especially the directional plates.

US 127 crosses US 35 in downtown Eaton.

Error OH 127 sign in Eaton.

Funny how just crossing the bridge over I-70 took one mile off the distance to Indy.

Approaching US 40. Note how the grass still appears to have frost covering it. This phenomenon was noted heading north from this general area until I reached a point where snow covered the ground. This was in the mid-afternoon on a cloudy, overcast day. Apparently the temps never warmed up enough to melt the frost.

Cutout US 127 shield, of the type usually mounted to big green guide signs, north of US 40.

US 36 joins US 127 for a bypass of downtown Greenville.

The entire day was foggy and overcast like this.

This picture gives a good idea of the frost still on the ground.

My first new county of the day.

The US 127 sign is gone from this assembly in Celina.

The OH 29 sign appears to be in error, unless the route has one-way couplets several blocks apart.

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