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2008 Michigan Road Meet Trip
Dec. 18-22, 2008
Day 2 (Friday, 12/19), Page 1

These photos are from my trip to the 2008 Michigan road meet in East Lansing. These photos were taken on Dec. 19 and cover Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. The 361 photos are spread out over five pages of thumbnails. Use the arrow buttons in the upper left corner of the page to navigate the thumbnail pages. To view the full-sized photos, click on one of the thumbnails on this page. You will then be presented with navigation controls to view the images on individual Web pages as a slide show.

Welcome to snowy, slushy Wauseon, Ohio, on the second day of the trip. This is on OH 108 heading south toward US 20A.

Note the ice dripping off the signs. A light snow had fallen overnight and had turned to freezing rain just before dawn.

Note the slushy condition of the road.

The Super 8 was where I spent the night.

The toll booth at the entrance to the turnpike.

Heading west on the Ohio Turnpike.

The precipitation had pretty much ended, but the road was still in poor condition.

Traffic was mainly keeping to the right lane. The left lane was snow- and ice-covered.

Ohio uses markers for I-69, even though that route never enters the state.

A salt truck lies ahead.

This was the general condition of the road, although in this photo the left lane looks better here than it generally was.

Approaching the final toll booth on the Ohio Turnpike.

First speed limit sign and route markers in Indiana, on the Indiana Toll Road.

The first toll booth on the Indiana Toll Road.

Toll booth at the exit to I-69.

The blank spots on these signs are where US 27 signs used to be. US 27 was decommissioned north of Fort Wayne and in Michigan.

I-69 in Indiana was in horrible condition. The sign on the right in the background marks the entrance into Michigan.

The first I-69 marker in Michigan.

Look, it's Clearview!

The ramp for Exit 3 had not been plowed or salted.

Clearview numbers in the route marker.

Still in Michigan, the first sign for an Indiana exit.

Unusual route numbers on the rightmost I-69 sign.

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