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2008 SE Louisiana Road Meet Trip
Aug.-Sept. 2008
Day 1

These photos are from my trip to the southeast Louisiana. road meet in Slidell, La., in August and September 2008. This trip combined the actual journey to Slidell with a multi-day county-collecting and sightseeing trip through Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Missouri. These are photos from the first day of the trip, Aug. 28, and they cover Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama. The 310 photos are spread out over three pages of thumbnails. Use the arrow buttons in the upper left corner of the page to navigate the thumbnail pages. To view the full-sized photos, click on one of the thumbnails on this page. You will then be presented with navigation controls to view the images on individual Web pages as a slide show.

I've had several photos from this site, as signage keeps changing. This is the intersection of KY 11 south and KY 66 at Oneida (pronounced Oh-knee-duh) in Clay County.

A shot of a construction project on KY 11 between Oneida and US 421. The roadway is being moved away from a slide that has been historically hard to control, with the roadway slipping over the bank on the left. Traffic was one-way and controlled by temporary signals.

Approaching US 421 at Burning Springs, north of Manchester.

This US 421 sign features the directional banner with the larger first letter, which is becoming more common in Kentucky. KY 11 also runs on this route but is omitted from this sign.

A curve sign using the new advisory speed placement, instead of an advisory plate.

This KY 687 sign is a true oval rather than an ellipse with a flat top and bottom, which is common in Kentucky. In downtown Manchester.

Approaching KY 80.

KY 80 east joins US 421 and KY 11.

Split of KY 11 from US 421 and KY 80.

This photo turned out blurry but I have another photo on my site of Engine Cemetery Road. No, it's not where engines are buried. There is a stream nearby called Engine Branch and a road called Engine Branch Road.

If engines aren't buried in Engine Cemetery, does that also mean that hookers are not buried in Hooker Cemetery?

At US 25E in Barbourville.

At the KY 11 intersection.

Another true oval marker.

And yet another true oval.

This is how most of the markers for three- and four-digit state routes appear, in contrast to the one previously shown.

Along the floodwall in Pineville, which carries US 25E around downtown.

Numbers are slightly off-center.

Looking at Cumberland Gap on US 25E southbound.

In Tennessee now, at the US 58 exit.

The arrow missing from this sign, along with signage showing that TN 63 joins US 25E.

Looking to the southwest along TN 63, which is part of the Appalachian corridor system.

At US 25W in LaFollette.

A look at the US 25W-TN 63 four-lane approaching I-75.

Sign damage has knocked the I-75 shield and some lettering off.

Approaching the Lake City exit, where US 25W departs I-75 at Exit 129...

...except that for years, this sign has had a US 441 marker incorrectly posted instead of the correct US 25W sign.

This is the correct exit signage for US 441.

Newer I-75 signage at the US 441 exit.

Crossing Norris Dam on US 441.

No reference to whether this sign refers to US 441 or TN 61.

Entering Knoxville on US 441.

There are several Arby's in the Knoxville area that still have the old-style hat sign.

The closure of I-40 for Smartfix is very well marked.

This photo, showing US 11 and US 70 (with a missing marker) along US 441 in downtown Knoxville, was taken beneath I-40. You can see evidence of the Smartfix.

Having made a U-turn on Chapman Highway, now heading north on US 441. Signage for US 11/70 is in the background; the intersection where they join US 441 is not signed.

Concrete barriers close off the ramp from downtown Knoxville to I-40 east for Smartfix.

Now heading west on I-40.

On the ramp at the beginning of US 129.

The first US 129 marker heading south.

Oops. Couldn't tell if a wheel came off this trailer or if the driver allowed the right rear wheel to drop off, but this had traffic in a knot on US 129 south.

TN 168, the Gov. Sevier Parkway, serves as a southern beltway of sorts for Knoxville.

A plane getting ready to land at the Knoxville airport.