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St. Louis Roadgeek Meet
Day 4
April 23, 2008

These photos are from my trip to the St. Louis roadgeek meeting. After a three-day stay in Louisville for a business meeting, I headed home.These pics are from Kentucky and were taken on April 23, 2008. To view the full-sized photos, click on one of the thumbnails on this page. You will then be presented with navigation controls to view the images on individual Web pages as a slide show.

Heading east on Market Street in Louisville. This is the first US 31E sign encountered after the road crosses into Kentucky and makes its twists and turns to end up on Market.

US 31E and US 60 split.

US 31E turns from Market onto Baxter Avenue.

US 60's impending right turn from Baxter Avenue onto East Main Street.

US 31E northbound follows Baxter Avenue and turns onto East Main Street.

The first US 42 sign is located on East Main Street, just east of the Baxter Avenue intersection, before the street becomes Mellwood Avenue.

At the ramp from Mellwood Avenue to eastbound I-64.

This is where Mellwood Avenue crosses Frankfort Avenue. US 42 continues straight, eastbound US 60 turns to the right. This marks the split of US 60 into one-way streets.

This is a bit misleading. We are already on US 42 (Mellwood Avenue) approaching Brownsboro Road.

Advance signage for US 42's turn from Mellwood onto Brownsboro.

East US 42 signage heading out of downtown Louisville on Brownsboro Road.

A state name shield!

This used to be the terminus of KY 22, but that route was relocated further east.

US 42 passes under I-71.

Back to where we were three days earlier, but this time with daylight and sunny skies for better photos.

Cable median barriers on the Gene Snyder Freeway.

This sign is on the ramp from I-71 north to I-265 south.

These signs are just beyond the standalone I-265 sign in the previous photo.

I cut the edge of this sign off. Ooops!

On I-64 heading east, having just come around the cloverleaf ramp.

There used to be an overhead sign bridge for the two ramps for KY 55, but it's gone now. These small temporary signs, shown here and in the next photo, have taken its place.

Construction project on I-64 eastbound in Shelby County.

This long-standing sign, dating back decades, will probably be replaced when the widening project is completed.

This one probably will too.

Multi-color Clearview again. The corresponding sign for eastbound traffic is at Exit 58, but this one is located prior to Exit 53. Normally this'd say "Use Exit 58" but the fact that it doesn't makes me wonder if it's misplaced, or if it was really meant to say Exit 53.

On US 60 east approaching Versailles.

In downtown Versailles.

Interesting "Post Office" graphic sign that I'd never seen before.

On KY 29 approaching US 27 in Nicholasville.

In downtown Nicholasville.

A neat old find! Old signs that date back to the 1970s or earlier. At the end of KY 29 at US 27/KY 39.

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