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Jan. 19, 2009

These photos are from a trip to north-central Kentucky, southeastern Indiana and southwestern Ohio on Monday, Jan. 19, 2009. The 136 photos are spread out over two pages of thumbnails. Use the arrow buttons in the upper left corner of the page to navigate the thumbnail pages. To view the full-sized photos, click on one of the thumbnails on this page. You will then be presented with navigation controls to view the images on individual Web pages as a slide show.

Right at the Owen County line, just a few miles west of I-75, KY 607 and KY 330 intersect.

Approaching KY 845 in the Lusby's MIll community of Owen County. The narrow bridge and sharp curve are the site of many accidents. (Take that, FWHA, I said "accidents" and not "crashes.")

Another shot of the bridge. A light dusting of snow had fallen the night before.

KY 845 joins KY 330 for a short distance.

KY 330 ends at KY 227, which is the old routing of US 227.

KY 227 approaches KY 22 on the east side of Owenton.

KY 22 and KY 227 join US 127 just south of downtown Owenton.

"To Frankfort" is unusual verbiage. Why not just "Frankfort?"

KY 22 turns left in downtown Owenton while US 127 and KY 227 continue.

Just north of downtown Owenton.

KY 845 forms a half-circle on the east side of Owen County. The southern terminus is on US 127 south of Owenton.

KY 36 joins US 127 and KY 227 in the Long Ridge community.

KY 36 and US 227 prepare to depart US 127.

Finally, US 127 runs alone without any other routes signed along it.

Before US 127 was commissioned in Kentucky in the 1950s, it was KY 35. KY 35 ran south through Owenton, Frankfort, Lawrenceburg, Harrodsburg, Danville, Liberty, Jamestown and Albany before ending at the Tennessee state line and becoming TN 28. Even today, most of US 127 in Tennessee carries the hidden state route 28 designation.

At the modern-day intersection of KY 35 and US 127, US 127 turns off the mainline and KY 35 continues straight. This section of US 127 had various state route numbers prior to the extension of the US route south from Ohio.

US 127 turns to the right and KY 35 begins.

Both US 127 and KY 35 intersect I-71. This is on KY 35 just north of the intersection.

The larger first letter in directional banners is proliferating in Kentucky, as seen here.

This is near Kentucky Speedway, on the south side of I-71. Signage for I-71 and the interstate bridges over KY 35 can be seen in the background.

On I-71 southbound, this exit sign originally had only a KY 1039 shield. The route marker has fallen off but the destination has been added, in Clearview no less.

KY 1039 was built as a mostly new route over virgin terrain from I-71, passing the west side of Kentucky Speedway, and connecting with US 42 and the former KY 1188 at the Markland Dam Bridge.

Heading north on KY 1039.

Descending to the Ohio River Valley on KY 1039. Note the appearance of the road; a light dusting of snow meant heavy application of salt.

Looking down at the Markland Dam Bridge and Indiana on the opposite side of the Ohio River.

Entering Indiana.

Looping around to IN 156.

Heading toward the Belterra Casino.

Indiana has begun use of the larger first letter in directional signage, as well.

IN 250 ends at IN 156 in Patriot.

Heading northwest out of Patriot on IN 250.

IN 250 crosses IN 56 in East Enterprise.

Descending into the Ohio River valley on IN 56, just outside Rising Sun. The community of Rabbit Hash, Ky., is on the other side of the river.

Warning sign for trucks on westbound IN 56, which turns away from the river valley.

IN 262 ends in Rising Sun.

IN 56 comes to an end at US 50 and IN 350 in Aurora.

Heading east on US 50 toward Ohio.

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