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Upper Delaware (Milford, PA) Road Meet Trip
Day 2
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Button copy on the rightmost sign, but no mention of I-86.

Fog and light snow had set in over Binghamton on this day. Note the space for an I-86 shield on the leftmost guide sign.

There's room for an I-86 marker on this overhead too.

A few overheads use a standard NY 17 shield with a black background, like one would see on ground-level signs.

Southern Tier Expressway logo signs begin appearing on NY 17 west of Binghamton.

Interesting way to add a supplementary destination to a guide sign.

NY 17 is getting ready for its brief incursion into Pennsylvania. This exit is in New York, just north of the state line, and connects to PA 199.

The line between NY and PA is marked only by signs saying "state border." All signage is done to NY standards, including the surface signage at the US 220/NY 17 interchange.

This is in Pennsylvania.

Getting ready to go back into New York.

Chemung is the home of the racing Bodine brothers: Geoff, Brett and Todd.

Another section that will have to be upgraded before NY 17 can become full-fledged I-86.

This is the at-grade section of NY 17 west of Elmira.

Unusual font.

I-86 signs start showing up again; a new section of the interstate opened in Elmira recently.

The new I-86 section in Elmira.

Watkins Glen is one of my favorite NASCAR race tracks. I enjoy the road races, unlike a lot of other NASCAR fans.

This sign is mounted parallel to the roadway. It's probably there more for jurisdictional purposes than for motorist information.

Approaching the northern end of US 15 and the end of our westbound journey on NY 17.

North of NY 17/I-86, US 15 has been decommissioned and is now a state-numbered route.

The first NY 15 marker.

Heading south on US 15.

The first standalone US 15 marker.

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