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New York State meet trip
Sept. 30-Oct. 5, 2009

These photos are from my trip to the 2009 New York State road meet held Saturday, Oct. 3 in Highland, Poughkeepsie and Newburgh, NY. These photos are from Day 3 of the trip, covering Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York. Thumbnails for the 764 photos span seven pages. Use the arrow buttons in the upper left corner of the page to navigate the thumbnail pages. To view the full-sized photos, click on one of the thumbnails on this page. You will then be able to view the images on individual Web pages.

Starting out Day 3 of the trip in Bennington, Vt.

The left turn signal here has no yellow light.

Bennington has apparently had a public art project involving mooses (meese?) the same way Lexington, Ky. had with horses a few years ago.

VT 9 is a scenic, easy drive across the width of the state but the speed limit is only 50 mph.

Leaves were beginning to turn during the trip.

A nice touch with Vermont signage is to tell you on which side of the road the blind entrance is located.

The speed indicator wasn't working.

Graphic falling rock sign.

VT 9 continues through Brattleboro, but through traffic is directed to use I-91 to avoid downtown.

A short drive north on I-91.

This blurry photo shows that the state route marker has not been changed out on this sign.

Crossing into New Hampshire. The new bridge appears to be as close a replica as possible to the old one.

Now in New Hampshire.

The first NH 9 sign.

Between Keene and Concord, NH 9 is, in large part, a "super 2" route.

These signs are common in Vermont, too.

Part of this picture got cut off but I'm still keeping it.

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