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Texas trip
Day 2 (1/2/10)
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Heading north on FM 157.

Button copy.

Heading east on I-30.

More button copy.

There is no direct connection between the Texas 360 and I-30 freeways. Traffic has to use Six Flags Drive to make the connection.

Button copy on I-30.

A button copy exit number tab.

Making the connection from I-35E to US 75.

Interesting arrow configuration on this exit gore sign.

McKinney is in Clearview, the rest of the lettering is not.

Button copy on the exit number tab.

Posted without comment.

These photos are from surface street level and are of the infamous Dallas "High Five" interchange.

Now out on the northeast side of Dallas.

Now on the George Bush Turnpike.

The Bush Turnpike passes over a ramp to US 75 south.

Approaching the High Five from the north.

Still in the High Five and merging on to I-635's inner loop.

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