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Nashville meet trip
Oct. 22-24, 2010
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Another example of an unusually thick font.

Route markers on the Briley have the Tennessee state outline without the state name.

Heading west on I-40.

The next several photos are from the meet tour. This is eastbound on I-40 approaching the Briley Parkway and the new flyover ramps.

A look at the flyover ramps from surface streets in the area.

Looking at the Briley/I-40 interchange with the new flyover ramps. The White Bridge Parkway overpass (older bridge at the bottom of the stack) is being torn down and replaced.

The acceleration ramp from the Briley to I-40 west is being extended.

Westbound on I-40 approaching TN 840.

After getting on TN 840, there is a loop ramp back to I-40 east, which will be used when the route is eventually extended to the north. In this case, the truck exited I-40 west and got back on I-40 east.

At the time of the meet, this was as far as traffic could go on TN 840. Four days later, the route opened as far as TN 46.

A look at the soon-to-open TN 840 alignment.

This little dead-end road has full striping.

That's a sign for the TN 46 exit that you can see in the background of this and the next few photos.

Northbound on TN 840 from the same vantage point as the last few photos. Note that one bridge is longer than the other.

At TN 46's interchange with TN 840, signs were covered to be unveiled later. Plus of interest was the water tanker on stilts.

This sign was turned parallel to the road, ready to be turned to face traffic when the exit opened.

That's Steve Williams, the Georgia Road Geek, taking a picture of a bunch of us taking a picture of the sign.

A group checks out the ramp from TN 840 to TN 46.

TN 46 overpass over TN 840.

Eric Near, Jason Ilyes, Gene VanDusseldorp and Steve Williams.

The construction work on TN 840 ends just beyond TN 46.

THe next several photos are of various overpasses where TN 840 will cross local roads.

This is where TN 840 will have an interchange with TN 246.

Graded and unpaved alignment of TN 840 just west of US 31.

This is southbound on US 31.

Eastbound on TN 840 from US 31.

To the right of the Jersey barrier is a ramp from TN 840 west to I-65 south. So traffic is driving on the wrong side of the road here, after a fashion.

These mile markers duplicate the route number. Several of them are located along this stretch of I-65 south of Nashville.

Eastbound on I-40, after the meet broke up.

Entering the late, lamented I-265.

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