2007 SWPA Road Enthusiasts Meeting
Dec. 21-23, 2007
Kentucky-West Virginia-Pennsylvania-Ohio

These photos are from my trip to the 2007 SWPA roadgeek meeting held Dec. 22 in Uniontown, Pa. Photos are from the trip north on Dec. 21, the meeting itself and the first part of the trip home on Dec. 22, and the remainder of the trip home on Dec. 23. To view the full-sized photos, click on one of the thumbnails on this page. You will then be presented with navigation controls to view the images on individual Web pages as a slide show.

This sign on eastbound I-64 has changed several times over the years. When the first portion of KY 67 opened, access was available only to a nearby industrial park. So the destination on the sign was "Industrial Parkway" and there was a yellow tab reading "Industrial Park Access Only." When the road was extended but still not completed, there was yet another yellow tab below the sign with different wording -- "Route Ends at KY 207" or something similar. Now that the highway is complete, the towns of Wurtland and Greenup are shown.

Two-way traffic has shifted to the eastbound lanes in the vicinity of Exit 185, where the interchange is being reconstructed and new bridges built.

Two-way traffic in the eastbound lanes of I-64.

The new Clearview sign and a shot of the two-way traffic setup at Exit 185.

The crossover where westbound I-64 traffic moves into the eastbound lane east of Exit 185.

A closer view of the crossover east of Exit 185.

Button copy overhead for WV 34 north of the I-64 exit at Teays Valley.

Button copy mileage sign on WV 34 heading away from I-64.

A typical view of WV 34 between I-64 and Winfield. It's heavily used as a shortcut between I-64 and US 35 and carries lots of truck traffic.

A new four-lane US 35 is being built from I-64 heading northwest and will eventually extend to Point Pleasant.

A view of the US 35 construction from WV 34.

Approaching US 35 in Winfield.

WV 34 and US 35 join for a brief wrong-way duplex in Winfield.

The arrow points straight to Pt. Pleasant, but actually have to turn left onto US 35 north.

Signage at the intersection.

WV 34 crosses under the bridge that carries it across the Kanawha River. Eleanor is the community across the river from Winfield; Poca is a bit further upriver on WV 62.

The ramp from US 35 to the bridge.

Crossing the Kanawha River on WV 34.

Signage for WV 34 and WV 62.

The Kanawha River bridge is in need of a paint job.

Another wrong-way duplex for WV 34.

If you don't turn left onto WV 62 north at the end of the bridge, you have another chance.

WV 34 and WV 62 share a short wrong-way duplex.

Advance signage for WV 34's departure from WV 62.

WV 34 makes a left turn and climbs a steep, winding hill.

Delta routes are rapidly disappearing from the West Virginia landscape. There are only a few of these routes signed as such. One of them is this one along WV 34 in Putnam County.

WV 34 makes a left turn onto County 21, the old routing of US 21.

Only WV 34 is signed along this portion of CR 21. In some cases state routes are co-signed with the old alignment of US 21, but not here.

WV 34 departs CR 21 on a short, newer connector route over to I-77.

The turn for WV 34.

Beyond WV 34 at Kenna, CR 21 has a standalone sign.

Heading toward I-77.

End signage for WV 34 approaching I-77.

This is the end of WV 34, at the ramps to I-77.

That's not a typo. There's a community called Kentuck (no "y") to the east of I-77.

The WV 62 sign is still affixed to the US 33 exit at Ripley as an afterthought. The old route of US 33 west of I-77 has been renumbered as WV 62.

At the US 33 exit. The "East" has been added and is not button copy but the rest of the sign is.

Button copy sign for the destinations at the US 33 exit.

The signage at the end of the ramp shows that US 33 joins I-77 now.

I-77 sign, complete with state name, outside a food mart at Ripley.

I thought this sign was cute, given that we have a calico cat. It's in downtown Ripley.

US 33 crosses Old US 21.

closer view of the US 33 and CR 21 signage.

It's an easy and scenic drive to Spencer.

Typical view of US 33 heading east toward Spencer.

Elizabeth is north of Spencer on WV 14.

The end of WV 14 is at US 33 on the west side of Spencer.

Heading north on WV 14.

Typical view of WV 14 north of Spencer.

This closed a gaping hole in my WV county collection. Upon entering Wirt County, I completed visiting every county in the Mountain State.

A truss bridge on WV 14.

Palestine, WV was made famous during the Jessica Lynch story.

Another truss bridge along WV 14.

Approaching WV 5 near Elizabeth.

Advance signage for WV 5's junction.

At the turn to WV 5.

WV 5 is also part of the Little Kanawha Byway.

On the other side of the Little Kanawha River from WV 14, WV 5 intersects WV 53.

At the turn to WV 53.

The WV 5 bridge across the Little Kanawha is in the background of this End WV 53 assembly.

Two distinctly different fonts on these two WV 5 signs.

Back on the west side of the Little Kanawha, WV 5 ends at WV 14.

The Little Kanawha Byway turns onto northbound WV 14 at WV 5's end.

Elizabeth, the county seat of Wirt County, also lays claim to being the hometown of Jessica Lynch.

Heading north out of Elizabeth on WV 14, the road has been improved crossing a mountain.

Approaching Parkersburg, WV 14 takes over the old route of US 21 and follows it to the Ohio River bridge in Williamstown. Here, County 21's northern terminus is shown.

In the Mineral Wells community, WV 14 has an interchange with I-77 and WV 2.

The end of the Little Kanawha Byway is at the I-77 interchange.

Overheads for I-77/WV 2 and WV 14. Pettyville is a small community between Mineral Wells and Parkersburg.

A new section of WV 14 is closed to traffic, and motorists are routed onto a street called Old Nicolette Road, which is the old routing of WV 14.

This is a view of the closed portion of four-lane WV 14.

Detour WV 14 signage along the old route.

WV 14 approaches WV 95 in Parkersburg.

WV 95 joins WV 14 for a short distance south of the Little Kanawha River.

Just south of the new US 50 freeway, WV 95 splits from WV 14.

The US 50 freeway and its WV 14 exit can be seen in the background of this shot of overhead signage at the WV 95 split.

US 50 temporarily joins WV 14 into downtown Parkersville and this Little Kanawha crossing.

The US 50 bridge looms in the background at this shot of signage where WV 14 departs US 50 and WV 68 joins.

WV 618 is the new designation of the old US 50 routing through Parkersburg. It corresponds to the OH 618 designation on the other side of the river.

This is the northern terminus of the unsigned Alternate WV 14. This is the only signage at the northern end of the route; there is no signage at the southern terminus at WV 14.

Railroad underpass on Alt WV 14.

Approaching WV 14 again on WV 95 westbound.

Overheads approaching WV 14 on WV 95 west.

This is on the northern side of Parkersburg, nearing the turnoff to the old Memorial Bridge.

Overheads for OH 7, WV 14 and WV 68.

Old button copy overhead WV 14 sign.

Heading south now, this is on the same gantry as the previous photo. It's an older sign with button copy, faded yellow panels and a peeling I-77 marker.

Newer overheads at the turn to the Memorial Bridge.

US 50 and I-77 signage in front of the sign for the Memorial Bridge.

Overheads at the unusual traffic circle on the north side of Parkersburg.

WV 14 and US 68 with I-77 and US 50 signage.

On the new US 50 four-lane (milepoint 8.0 of Corridor D, to be exact) is this signage for the I-77/WV 2 interchange.

Overheads for I-77/WV 2 and WV 618 (old US 50).

Milemarker for Corridor D.

Overheads at the WV 618 exit.

Overheads for I-77 and WV 2.

Surface signage for the interchange.

More overheads. US 50 does not pass by any towns of significant population on its rural jog through north-central West Virginia so Clarksburg is used as a control city.

Button copy mileage sign. Ellenboro represents the WV 16 interchange.

Typical view of the four-lane US 50, which carries a 65 mph speed limit and has only one traffic light between I-77 and I-79.

Guide sign for the junction of WV 31.

Advance signage for WV 31, which joins US 50 for a short distance.

At the WV 31 intersection.

Mileage to Ellenboro, West Union and Clarksburg.

US 50 and WV 31 signage.

Advance signage for WV 31's split from US 50.

Cairo is listed as WV 31's destination.

At the split where WV 31 departs US 50.

Ellenboro, West Union and Clarksburg again.

One-mile exit sign for WV 16.

At the WV 16 exit. This is the only grade-separated exit between Clarksburg and Parkersburg except for a partial interchange on the east side of Salem.

Pennsboro now shows up on the mileage sign.

Advance signage for WV 74.

Advance turn signs for WV 74

Pennsboro and Pullman are your choices for WV 74.

At the WV 74 junction.

Salem now shows up on the mileage sign.

Only problem is, there's nothing to flash here! This appears to be a new installation; perhaps they just don't have the flashing beacons up yet.

Guide sign for the WV 18 intersection.

Approaching WV 18.

This photo gives a good view of the WV 18 intersection as well as the overall character of US 50.

West Union and Glenville are accessible by WV 18, but to get to Glenville you get to see two West Virginia state highway ENDS!!!! WV 18 ends at WV 47, then a few miles later WV 47 ends at US 33/119. The two US routes continue on to Glenville.

WV 18 signage.

Bridgeport is the town just beyond Clarksburg and is a decent sized burg in its own right.

Approaching WV 23 near Salem.

Advance turn signage for WV 23.

The US 50 alignment runs just to the north of Salem.

WV 23 signage.

This is looking back west on US 50 and is the beginning (unsigned) of WV 23. WV 23 continues along the old route of US 50 and then makes a right turn onto its northward alignment.

Another delta route. This one's on WV 23 north of downtown Salem.

This photo shows the deplorable condition of WV 23 heading into Salem. The road is narrow with no center line and is full of potholes.

WV 23 is signed in Salem as "To East US 50" but there is no signage beyond the US 50 intersection.

Approaching the partial interchange that marks the end of WV 23.

A look at the end of WV 23, which leads to eastbound US 50.

Guide sign for WV 98 getting closer to Clarksburg.

WV 98 is a short connector route in the Clarksburg area.

WV 98 signage.

The US 50 freeway through downtown Clarksburg features several exits, the interchange for US 19 and WV 20 being the first. I submitted an older photo of this sign to Road Sign Math several years ago.

The Pike Street exit.

Overheads for various city street exits in Clarksburg. There are several railroad viaducts through the downtown area.

More overheads. This is an older freeway that was one of the first parts of Corridor D constructed in West Virginia.

More signage and bridges through downtown Clarksburg. This photo gives a good flavor of the nature of the US 50 freeway through town.

More overheads in yet another shot that captures the character of the US 50 expressway.

Finally, I-79 shows up on the overheads.

Bridgeport and Grafton are the destinations for US 50 beyond downtown Clarksburg.

One-mile exit sign for I-79.

The Corridor D freeway comes to an end just before I-79 at a traffic light.

Button copy overheads for I-79 on US 50 eastbound. The large shopping center in the background was packed with cars four days before Christmas.

One sign with the state name, one without.

Button copy overheads at the ramp to southbound I-79.

Non button copy signage. I-79 uses a series of control cities only a short distance apart in this portion of northern West Virginia -- Clarksburg, Fairmont and then Morgantown.

On I-79, using WV 279 is a shortcut to avoid a lot of congestion on US 50 in Bridgeport.

Overheads for WV 279 and WV 131.

Overhead for WV 131 as the six-lane section of I-79 narrows down to four lanes.

The US 250 exit at Fairmont.

These signs are on the very short ramp from I-79 north to US 250.

Construction in the Fairmont area, as a new exit is being built and the interstate is being widened. You can see the gantry with the signs attached ready to be installed. Also note the arched bridge in the background.

I-79 is known as the High Tech Corridor in this area of West Virginia.

Overhead diagrammatical sign for the upcoming beginning of I-68.

At the exit for I-68.

Two miles from US 19's exit at Morgantown.

Another arched support bridge.

At the US 19 exit.

This photo starts the set of pictures taken on Saturday morning. It shows the advance signage for the WV 100 intersection.

The "To" sign is not necessary, this is the southern terminus of WV 100.

An unusual find -- a standalone marker for a WV county "fractional" route.

WV 100 passes under US 19/WV 7 as those routes cross the Monongahela River.

WV 100 marker. This is the first WV 100 marker and is located several miles north of the route's beginning.

This is on US 19 heading south toward Morgantown, approaching WV 7.

The signage fails to show that WV 7 joins US 19 and the two routes run together through Star City and Morgantown.

US 19 and WV 7 co-signed.

Detour signage for a bridge replacement project near Osage.

Approaching the connector to the northernmost I-79 Morgantown exit and the last/first exit in West Virginia.

The WV 705 intersection. The WV 705 sign has an unusually thick black border.

Oversized WV 705 sign with I-68 marker. Most of the WV 705 signs along the route are this size.

Approaching the end of WV 705.

Lane designations for US 119.

Signage at US 119.

Standalone signage for County 857.

County 857 joins US 119 for a multiplex.

This concrete arch bridge is on CR 857 approaching WV 7 in the Sabraton area.

CR 857 joins WV 7. Look closely at the rightmost WV 7 sign and you can see an old outline for WV 69, so this sign has definitely been recycled.

WV 7 and CR 857 are co-signed.

CR 857 is well-signed with standalone markers, including the advance turn signage where it leaves WV 7.

At the turn for CR 857.

Trail crossing sign for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Standalone CR 857 sign.

CR 857 has its own end signage as it approaches US 119.

I guess I'm destined to never get a good shot of this assembly. When I was in Morgantown in the summer of 2007, there was a pouring thunderstorm. This time, it was overcast and the photo is out of focus.

Error WV 857 signage.

Another goof.

Overheads for US 119 and CR 73, which is the old route of WV 73. That route was decommissioned in this area with the advent of old US 48 (now I-68) and I-79 and reverted to county status, even though it is still maintained by the state. Old WV 73 previously ran all the way south to the Bridgeport area.

Surface signage where CR 73 begins.

The I-79 sign has the state name but the two I-68 signs don't.

I-68 east entrance ramp from US 119 south.

A look at I-68 heading east.

Two-mile sign for the WV 7 exit.

One-mile sign for WV 7.

Overhead at the WV 7 exit with a shot of the loop ramp.

The arrow under the I-79 sign should be the same as the one under the I-68 sign.

The ramp from WV 7 west to I-68 west.

The arrows are right on this signage.

Overhead for WV 7.

Looking back east on WV 7 toward I-68.

Heading east on I-68, this exit is marked for WV 705 but the exit is really CR 857. To reach 705, you take 857 to US 119, and then follow 119 to 705. 857 and 705 never actually intersect.

Heading down the hill on I-68 toward Cheat Lake.

The Cheat Lake bridge on I-68.

This is a shot of the Ice's Ferry Bridge that carries CR 857 (formerly WV 73) across Cheat Lake, as seen from the I-68 bridge.

Overhead at the CR 857 exit.

Construction work on what will eventually be the southern terminus of WV 43 (Mon-Fayette Expressway) has resulted in some configuration changes to the connector from I-68 to CR 857.

The connector route uses part of the I-68 westbound on-ramp.

Junction signage for CR 857.

Directionals for CR 857 at the temporary connector route.

Another delta route sign. This one is on CR 857 in the Cheat Neck area.

A look at one of the WV 43 bridges as seen looking west from CR 857. This is almost at the state line.

Approaching the Pennsylvania state line.

Signage for the connector from PA 857 (Gans Road) to PA Turnpike 43.

At the ramp to PA 43 from Gans Road.

The Gans Road overpass on the entrance ramp to northbound PA 43.

This sign is already leaning to one side. It appeared that it had been knocked off its support on the left post.

The mounded median is commonly used on newer Pennsylvania toll facility construction.

First regular PA 43 marker.

Approaching Uniontown and the interchange with US 119 and US 40.

Where US 40 joins the US 119 freeway.

US 119 marker on the freeway.

Clearview signage.

More Clearview.

US 40 and US 119 signage.

Overheads for PA 21 and US 40.

Overheads for US 40 and PA 51.

At the end of the ramp to US 40.

Signage at the end of Business 40.

To PA 51 sign on US 40 westbound beyond Uniontown. The sign turned so as to not be visible is for PA Turnpike 43, which has not yet opened in this area.

Clearview sign about DUI enforcement.

Another DUI warning sign.

This is the Searights Tollhouse on US 40 between Uniontown and Brownsville. This was the first stop of the tour for the SWPA meeting.

Historical marker. The facility takes its name from the nearby community of Searights.

These replica markers can be found in several places along the Old National Road. As you can see, this is not far from being halfway between Cumberland, Md. and Wheeling, WV.

US 40 is the Historic National Road.

PA Heritage Route signage at the tollhouse. That's Adam Prince in the red cap.

Closeup of the eastern side of the marker.

And a shot of the western side.

Looking across US 40 at the tollhouse.

Signage for the tollhouse on US 40.

Looking across the road at the tollhouse. You will notice Adam Prince and Jeff Kitsko closely inspecting something.

This is what they were looking at. We discovered that someone had broken out a window with a brick and tried to get into the museum.

Plaque showing that the tollhouse is a national historic landmark.

A shot of the broken window.

Looking up the steps at the tollhouse.

Where did the brick come from that was used to break out the window? Most likely here.

Heading away from the tollhouse, this is US 40 heading west.

West US 40 marker.

Intersection of relocated US 40 and Grindstone Road. Jeff said that this was built as a grade-separated interchange but was later converted to at-grade.

Signage on Grindstone Road at the new US 40 route. PA 166 begins just one block south at old US 40.

The new US 40 has a center turn lane but no place to turn.

This bridge carries relocated US 40 across what will be the Mon-Fayette Expressway, PA 43.

Looking toward Brownsville and California on the grade for the Mon-Fayette.

Looking back toward Uniontown.

Another shot.

The US 40 bridge.

Where US 40 joins its old alignment.

Heading back toward Uniontown, here we are back at the tollhouse.

The connector route from US 40 to PA 51 features an interchange with PA 43. The signs are turned away from traffic.

Wonder if this sign confuses motorists traveling in the other direction?

Mountains in the distance as we descend toward PA 51.

At PA 51.

Approaching US 119.

US 119 signage along with a sideways PA 43 sign.

Overheads on PA 51.

Surface signage for US 40 and PA 43 at the ramp to southbound US 119.

Overheads for US 40, US 119 and PA 21.

Overheads at the PA 21 exit.

Clearview diagrammatical overhead for the split of US 119 and US 40.

Surface signage for PA 857.

Overheads (Clearview, no less) at the split of US 40 and US 119. Note the error PA 40 sign beneath the US 40 overhead. I didn't even notice this until I was reviewing the photos.

US 119 and PA 43 signs, as seen in the previous photo.

Access to PA 857 is at the exit where US 119, Morgantown Road, leaves the freeway.

Overheads where US 119 leaves the Mon-Fayette Expressway.

PA 43 sign south of US 119.

Mileage sign. The mileage to Morgantown will be correct when the freeway is completed; now it's a couple of miles further since traffic has to take either US 119 or PA 857/WV Monongalia County 857.

This sign leaves you hanging...

....and finishes the thought a few hundred feet on further down the road.

Exit 8 is the last exit before the toll road begins. Currently the toll road consists of one mainline booth.

The roads crossing PA 43 offer access to both PA 857, which runs to the east, and US 119, which runs to the west.

PA Turnpike 43 sign at the beginning of the toll section.

A view of a sweeping curve and a bridge, heading south.

I-68 appears on the mileage sign, even though the connection to the interstate isn't finished yet.

Exit 4 is signed for PA 857.

Prior to the exit, there is a mainline toll booth.

Heading in to pay my 75 cents.

Beyond the toll booth is Exit 4.

At Exit 4.

This sign lets drivers know that the completed portion of the Mon-Fayette is coming to an end.

Even though ths exit is within sight of PA 857, and most through traffic takes 857 into West Virginia, it's signed for US 119. The "last exit in Pennsylvania" tag is a bit puzzling, however. Currently it's the last exit on the entire freeway and the West Virginia section will have access only to CR 857 at Cheat Lake and I-68.

Coming to the current end of PA 43.

Exit signage at the last exit.

This shows how traffic is divered off the Mon-Fayette.

Signage at the end of the off-ramp shows both PA 857 and US 119.

Signage for PA 857 and I-68 at the end of the ramp.

Signage for the entrance to northbound PA 43.

This sign assembly has a scenic backdrop of mountains behind it.

A look at the ramps to and from northbound PA 43. The ramp in the background will allow traffic from the unopened portion to exit onto Gans Road.

At the end of Gans Raod.

At the end of Gans Road.

Heading back into West Virginia.

Construction of the bridge over Morgans Run Road.

These signs are on the unfinished portion of WV 43, right at the end of the under-construction bridges.

Another view of the signs.

A view of the bridge piers.

The bridge abutment on the south side.

Another shot of the bridge under construction.

Looking south on the unopened WV 43. All this route needs is striping. The signs are already in place.

Looking north in the southbound lanes at the sign assembly shown in previous photos.

Concrete forms with a scenic mountain backdrop.

This shot was taken from Bowers Lane (County 88/1) looking south.

Another shot at the same location, looking more toward the southwest.

Another gantry and sign assembly across the unopened WV 43.

Another shot, showing a "Freeway Ends 1 Mile" sign.

Looking west toward Cheat Lake and I-68.

Construction near the CR 857 and I-68 interchange.

These signs have been left high and dry by construction taking place near the interchange of I-68 and County 857.

A view through the trees of the I-68 Cheat Lake bridge, looking west.

A look at the Ice's Ferry Bridge across Cheat Lake.

Getting ready to cross the Ice's Ferry Bridge heading west toward Morgantown.

On the Ice's Ferry Bridge. The bridge is barely one lane wide and has an open grated metal deck. At one time it carried WV 73 and now carries CR 857.

Typo alert! It's spelled "Pierpont." See the signs that the arrow is pointing to? More on them coming up in the next photo...

This sign is what travelers see when they cross I-68 on CR 67, North Pierpoint Road. The only trouble is that this route is now CR 857 (which, of course, corresponds with PA 857). The signs are of an older vintage and must have been installed sometime after the decommissioning of WV 73, which used this road on its route east toward Bruceton Mills, and were never changed to reflect the renumbering to CR 857.

This photo is of an older Pierpont Road sign with the route number in a light green background, like those in the previous picture.

Although the exit for Pierpont Road is shown on I-68's signage as WV 705, this assembly on CR 857 tells the true nature of the route numbering scheme here. WV 705 never does intersect CR 857, instead you use US 119 to get from one route to the other.

This warning is for truckers who may be planning to use the westbound WV 7 exit.

The steep grade on the WV 7 exit from westbound I-68 is well marked.

Every sign has the 8% grade legend.

And just so you won't forget, the exit has an 8 percent grade.

CR 857 is very well marked in the Morgantown area, including its duplexes with US 119 and, shown here, WV 7.

Decreasing light conditions in the late afternoon led to an out-of-focus photo of this sign assembly.

WV 7 crosses the northbound lanes of US 119 in downtown Morgantown.

THis signage shows how US 119 southbound joins US 19 for a block, and where WV 7 joins US 19.

Overheads of the end of I-68 at I-79.

I-79 signs in the exit gore area at I-68's western end.

These "sideways merge" signs are starting to pop up with more frequency. This is where westbound I-68 merges with southbound I-79.

This is the first photo from Sunday morning, Dec. 23. It's on US 60 west, MacCorkle Avenue, in South Charleston and was taken in a pouring rainstorm. The sign is button copy. I drove along this street the night before and you could see outlines where the text had been changed. This was not visible in the daylight and the rain.

Another photo of the same sign.

A more closeup view. I had the camera on multiple exposures in hopes that I'd get a shot that didn't have a windshield wiper going across it. Looks like it worked!

This is new signage at the interchange of I-64 and WV 152 and WV 527 near Huntington. This assembly is in addition to the old "JCT 152, END 527" sign that is still present a few hundred feet to the north.

This angle of the photo shows the I-64 interchange.

This is the old sign assembly marking the end of WV 527. This is on the old route of US 52.

This bridge with an ornate side rail is on WV 527.

Plenty of these WV 527 signs can be found in Huntington. They look more like a Kentucky three-digit route sign than a WV sign.

Here's another.

And yet another.

Finally, a normal WV 527 sign. The route makes a series of 90-degree turns to get under the railroad tracks that run through town.

WV 527 and US 60 in downtown Huntington.

West US 60 with OH 7 and WV 527 surface and overhead signs. The Robert C. Byrd Bridge is in the background.

The button copy overhead partially visible in the previous photo.

Button copy sign on the bridge.

Button copy overheads on the Ohio side of the bridge.

OH 7 and US 52 signs on the connector from the bridge to the OH 7 four-lane.

The WV 527 sign that was on this side of the Ohio River for years has been replaced with an OH 527 sign.

The "right lane ends" has been placed over the area for what will eventually say North OH 7 when that road is completed.

A greenout on this overhead.

The I-64 sign has numbers in button copy but the text on the sign itself does not. Looks like the I-64 shield has been lifted from the old sign that used to be here.

Same thing here...

This sign is button copy, but omits the arrow because east US 52 exits under the bridge.

This End OH 7 sign is beyond the ramp to US 52 toward West Virginia.

Button copy overhead for US 60 after crossing into WV on US 52.

More button copy overheads.

More button copy. Notice the construction sign in the distance at right. There's an upside-down I-64 sign that was placed over an existing I-77 shield.

Blurry button copy signage at I-64.

These are contractor-installed signs on southbound KY 3 at the KY 180 intersection. This portion of KY 180 was rebuilt as part of the reconstruction of I-64's Exit 185.

Huge, oversized signs at the end of the off-ramp from eastbound I-64 at Exit 185. There's a similar set at the end of the westbound off-ramp. It's a shame a post wasn't placed across the back to stabilize these signs, else there'd be a Road Sign Math winner here.

Construction on the new westbound I-64 bridge crossing KY 180.

New Mountain Parkway sign at the intersection of KY 203 and US 460 at Mize in Morgan County.

New Mountain Parkway sign in Hazel Green.

New Mountain Parkway signs on KY 191 east of Campton.

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