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Dayton Roadgeek Meet
Days 1-2
May 9-10, 2008

These photos are from my trip to the Dayton roadgeek meeting. They are from Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana and were taken on May 9-10, 2008. To view the full-sized photos, click on one of the thumbnails on this page. You will then be presented with navigation controls to view the images on individual Web pages as a slide show.

This gallery begins with this new Clearview sign on northbound I-75 in Scott County. For years this was an exit for KY 620, Delaplain Road. The road was improved with the construction of the new Toyota factory in the mid-1980s. The KY 620 signs were removed from the exit signs, leaving only Delaplain Road, then later the action was reversed and the exit was only for KY 620 with no route name. Now there is a new, smaller KY 620 shield and Clearview text for Cherry Blossom Way, which is the Japanese-inspired name for the loop around the Toyota plant that includes KY 620 and US 62.

Note that the text on the exit tab is stil the old-style FHWA font instead of Clearview.

This sign has a Clearview exit tab.

The next several photos are from I-75 northbound heading toward Cincinnati.

The beginning of a construction zone that will result in all of I-75 between Cincinnati and Lexington being at least six lanes wide.

A view of the construction zone.

No doubt this sign will be replaced when the construction is complete.

This overhead is along a section of widened I-75 that was recently completed.

The first dual-signage for the I-71 and I-75 duplex. The I-71 sign looks like something you'd see in Ohio.

This sign is mounted on the long ramp from Florence Mall to the northbound interstate.

You can see the bridge that carries traffic from Florence Mall to the northbound interstate at right. The exit to KY 18 passes under the bridge.

The sign at right is on the ramp from KY 236.

Again, this sign is on the entrance ramp from KY 236.

Nice view of the I-275 stack interchange.

The US 25 sign has been missing from this overhead assembly for years.

The overcast, drizzly sky obscured what I think is one of the great city skyline views, when you drop down the hill on I-75 and get ready to cross the Ohio River.

Getting ready to cross the Brent Spence Bridge.

Emerging from the lower deck of the bridge onto the Ohio side.

All of these signs are relatively new. They replaced very old button copy signage.

This is the first of the old button copy signs that you encounter in Ohio.

Closer view of the sign in the previous photo.

Nice closeup of the button copy. This closeup was made possibly by stop-and-go, bumper-to-bumper traffic on I-75 northbound.

Nice view of the way older interstate shields on overhead guide signs used button copy numbers in Ohio.

"Cinti" is a common abbreviation of the city's name.

Interesting bridge.

Overhead on the ramp to OH 126.

This is where I-75 splits into two distinctive carriageways with the Arlington Heights neighborhood between the two alignments.

This is the first mileage sign for Dayton.

First exit sign for I-275. Note the button copy interstate signs.

Cincinnati-Dayton Road is abbreviated as Cin-Day.

The temporary construction signage overlay on this sign has letters big enough to get the point across.

On the C-D ramp.

The last photo from Day 1 of the trip.

This is the first photo from Day 2 of the trip. It's the overhead on OH 835 (Woodman Road) showing the ramp to US 35 westbound.

Why is OH 4 listed on this overhead?

Nice view of the I-75/US 35 stack interchange in the background.

Another good view of the stack at I-75.

This sign is well away from the left-turn lanes used to stay on US 35. OH 49 continues straight ahead and provides a route to I-70.

Old OH 122 sign and arrows in Eaton.

OH 35 sign goof in Eaton.

Nice OH 35 goof in the background of the signage where US 127 crosses US 35.

Closeup of the OH 35 goof.

This is correct signage.

Unusual font for the US 35 sign.

Approaching the spot where US 35 merges with I-70 west near the Indiana state line.

The US 35/I-70 interchange.

The Indiana state line is locate around the curve and is indicated by the change in pavement that can be seen.

US 35's direction changes from E-W to N-S once it enters Indiana.

Not sure why there's a "To" designation for IND 38. That route begins at this exit.

Turning around and heading south on US 35, approaching I-70.

This is on I-70 heading east.

Note that US 35 is now an E-W route.

The font on this mileage sign is one not usually found in Ohio.

This was a neat find -- a borderless cutout US 127 sign.

Confirmation of the two new Ohio counties I visited on this trip.

This is the eastern terminus of OH 722.

OH 49 briefly joins I-70. This signage is on the ramp.

Construction work at the I-70/I-75 interchange.

Old signage still in place.

Here you can see both old and new signage.

This is on Riverside Drive in Dayton, looking at the reconstruction of the I-75/OH 4 interchange.

Very old button copy signage in Dayton.

Richard Ruffer heads over to check out construction at I-70 and I-75.

This photo and the next several are at the intersection of US 40 (National Road) and former US 25 (Dixie Highway) in Vandalia.

Old overhead signage for I-675 on North Fairfield Road.

Overheads for I-75 at the end of I-675, with "End" signage on either side of the road.

Cable median barrier on I-75.

Bridge work along I-75.

Southbound through the Arlington Heights section of I-75.

The first mention of Lexington.

Sine salad!!!!

This is Kentucky signage in Ohio.

Crossing the Brent Spence Bridge south into Kentucky.

This widened portion of I-75 between Williamstown and Dry Ridge was recently completed.

Construction between Williamstown and Corinth.

Work continues between Corinth and Sadieville.

Back to Cherry Blossom Way and the new Clearview signage.

The light pole got in the way of this photo.

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