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2008 Michigan Road Meet Trip
Dec. 18-22, 2008
Day 1 (Thursday, 12/18), Page 1

These photos are from my trip to the 2008 Michigan road meet in East Lansing. These photos were taken on Dec. 18 and cover Kentucky and Ohio. The 190 photos are spread out over three pages of thumbnails. Use the arrow buttons in the upper left corner of the page to navigate the thumbnail pages. To view the full-sized photos, click on one of the thumbnails on this page. You will then be presented with navigation controls to view the images on individual Web pages as a slide show.

This set of photos begins with signage at the intersection of US 25 and KY 32 in northern Scott County. On this day, I-75 northbound was closed near Exit 144 because of a tractor-trailer crash. Traffic was urged to detour via KY 32 and then US 25. Not many vehicles opted for the detour; those that didn't encountered standstill traffic on I-75 that was backed up for several miles.

Smaller-than-usual font on this US 25 sign just beyond KY 32.

One disadvantage of taking the US 25 detour was following this tractor-trailer on a curvy, rolling road with few passing zones.

Old Shell sign along US 25 south of Corinth.

The tractor-trailer wreck was at the KY 330 exit on I-75, so going back to the interstate there was not advised.

KY 330 briefly joins US 25 in Corinth.

Without any advance signage, KY 36 joins US 25 south of Williamstown.

State-name signage on KY 36 at I-75.

More state-name signage.

Signage at the end of the exit ramp for 12th Street in Covington. Of interest is the old black-on-white "To Newport" sign.

The US routes in Covington are very well marked, even if US 42 doesn't become a north-south route until it crosses into Ohio.

The Clay Wade Bailey bridge, which carries US 25-42-127 across the Ohio River.

The US 25 sign, which was present here for many years, has been removed from this assembly at the Ohio state line. It used to be between the Ohio sign and the US 42 sign.

LIght-up "Do Not Enter" sign. This is where US 42/127 turn left from 3rd Street onto Central Avenue in Cincinnati.

US 52 and US 27 have joined the route and all four US routes are well-marked in Cincinnati.

The JCT plate is missing from this assembly. Also note the unusual state shape outline for the OH 3 marker. This shape of state outline is becoming increasingly evident.

The same unusual state outline, in elongated form, can be found on this OH 264 sign. This is at the intersection of 6th Street (looking west on that street) and Central Avenue.

Approaching the western terminus of US 22. The US 42 designation has vanished.

More examples of how well the US routes are marked in Cincinnati.

The US routes make a right turn from Central Avenue onto Ezzard Charles Drive.

The US 127 marker is gone here at Central and Ezzard Charles.

Once again, a missing US 127 sign is evident.

Alternate routes for Cincinnati's interstates are well-marked along surface streets.

Old button-copy I-75 sign along Central Parkway.

This sign is right at ground level.

Approaching the split of US 27 and US 52 from US 127.

US 127 turns from Central Parkway to Ludlow Avenue.

Newer US 127 sign with the larger first letter in the directional plate.

Heading north beyond I-275.

Older US 127 sign south of Hamilton, with an unusual shield shape.

Larger directional plate with the width of the US 127 sign.

Another unusual shield shape.

Overhead signage, including the end of OH 128, in Hamilton.

Heading north out of Hamilton, the countryside turns more rural.

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