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New US 119/Appalachian Corridor G
Pike County, Ky.
Nov. 11, 2008

These photos are of the new stretch of US 119 in Pike County, Ky. This section, which opened earlier this year, was the last portion of the four-lane highway to be completed between Pikeville and Charleston, WV. US 119 was the featured attraction of the 2005 East Kentucky/Central Appalachian road meet. The 152 photos are spread out over two pages of thumbnails. Use the arrow buttons in the upper left corner of the page to navigate the thumbnail pages. To view the full-sized photos, click on one of the thumbnails on this page. You will then be presented with navigation controls to view the images on individual Web pages as a slide show.

US 119 in Pike County, Ky., has been named the Paul and Judi Patton Highway. Patton was a two-term governor from PIke County. His political career ended when he admitted to an affair with a supporter from western Kentucky.

This portion of US 119, known as the Buckleys Creek section, was the second portion of the four-lane route between Pikeville and West Virginia to be completed. It was finished in 1988. This new Clearvew sign is for the first exit on the recently-opened section.

Old US 119 crossing Town Mountain was numered KY 1426 and this intersection has been here since 1988. The recently bypassed US 119 has also been renumbered to KY 1426. US 119 and KY 1426 run together for a few hundred feet.

This is the old US 119-KY 1426 intersection. In the background is the exit for the new section.

Continuing on US 119. This was roughly the area for the group photo for the 2005 Pikeville meet.

Contractors have installed wide US 119 signs along the new route, in contrast to the square signs used in District 12.

Looking at the Pinson Family Bridge that crosses Raccoon Creek and KY 1441.

Climbing the hill between Raccoon Creek and Winns Branch.

A look at the Winns Branch bridge.

The Winns Branch bridge is named for Ralph Emerson Varney.

Approaching the KY 194 exit and the Johns Creek bridge.

This bridge crosses Johns Creek and KY 194.

F.M. Burke was honored by having the KY 194/Johns Creek bridge named after him.

Beyond KY 194 and approaching the old alignment of US 119.

Looking at the KY 1426 bridge and exit as the new alignment of US 119 comes to an end.

Beyond the KY 1426 bridge.

The first mention of Charleston along US 119.

At the KY 881 junction,the alignment transitions from the new four-lane to the Bent Mountain section, completed in 1999.

Now heading south on US 119 on the Bent Mountain section.

Looking south at the transition to the new portion of US 119.

This is where old US 119 splits from the new route.

Approaching the KY 194 exit.

The KY 194 exit with the Johns Creek/KY 194 bridge in the background.

Between Johns Creek and Winns Branch.

Approaching the Winns Branch bridge.

Heading down toward the Raccoon Creek/KY 1441 bridge.

The Raccoon Creek bridge.

Curving around to cross KY 1426.

The KY 1426 bridge.

This is a new sign on the Buckleys Creek section of US 119 approaching US 23/US 460/KY 80.

This signage is on the ramp from north US 119 to east KY 1426.

On old US 119, now KY 1426.

Heading west on KY 1426 toward Pikeville.

On the ramp from KY 1426 west to US 119 north.

On the ramp from north US 119 to KY 194.

Looking at northbound US 119 from the KY 194 ramp overpass.

Looking south on US 119.

On the ramp to KY 194.

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