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Southeast Kentucky-Southwest Virginia
May 30, 2008

These photos are from a trip to southeastern Kentucky and southwestern Virginia, mostly along the KY 80/VA 80 corridor and surrounding areas. To view the full-sized photos, click on one of the thumbnails on this page. You will then be presented with navigation controls to view the images on individual Web pages as a slide show.

KY 3086 is the old routing of US 23/119 from Payne Gap to Jenkins. This route was bypassed when the new four-lane US 23 was completed in the 1990s.

KY 805 is the old route of US 23/119 north of Jenkins. To the left, it's an old routing of US 119. The intersection of KY 3086 an KY 805 is a very old intersection of US 23 and US 119.

In Kentucky and Virginia, US 23 and some of its former routings are designated as the Trail of the Lonesome Pine.

There are several concrete piers in the vicinity of the KY 805/KY 197 junction in Pike County where railroad overpasses have been removed, such as this one.

This is the end of KY 197 at KY 80 in Elkhorn City.

Approaching US 460 on KY 80 westbound.

KY 80 joins US 460 and the two routes run concurrently all the way through Pikeville to just south of Prestonsburg.

Looking the other way, this is the split of US 460 and KY 80.

Entering Virginia on Route 80.

This is the first VA 80 marker.

VA 80 is also a numbered bike route.

VA 80 is also part of "The Crooked Road, Virginia's Heritage Music Trail."

In Haysi, VA 83 joins VA 80 for a brief "wrong-way" duplex.

A wrong-way duplex.

This is the terminus of VA 63.

VA 83 departs VA 80.

VA 63 rejoins VA 83. In fact, this portion of VA 83 is a relocated route and VA 63 occupies the old routing of VA 83 across a ridgetop.

VA 63 provides access to John W. Flannagan Dam and the reservoir it impounds.

A neat find in Haysi -- a cutout along with an old "maximum safe speed" speed advisory marker.

This is the terminus of VA 63, back in Haysi.

VA 80 departs Haysi. Rosedale is where the route intersecs US 19.

Here is an unusual signage instance where a primary Virginia route is signed in a rectangle such as is often used for secondary routes.

One of our cats is a longhaired male and we never did come up with a better name for him than Fuzzy, which fits him not only because of his appearance but because of his sweet and gentle demeanor. So I smiled when I saw Fuzzy Drive.

This is looking back west on VA 80 toward Haysi, which shows Pikeville listed as a destination. This is the furthest away on VA 80 that Pikeville is listed.

Lots of Virginia towns and villages have this "Bird Sanctuary" signage.

In Honaker.

Honaker marks the southern terminus of VA 67, which runs to Richlands and then north before ending as a secondary route.

VA 80 joins US 19 briefly before departing, traversing Clinch Mountain and connecting with US 11 and I-81.

A view of US 19 heading south toward Lebanon and Abingdon.

The US 19 sign is cut off in this photo but it shows the mileages to Lebanon, Abingdon and Bristol.

The Business US 19 split at Lebanon.

The limited-access bypasses in SW Virginia have sequentially-based exit numbers that recycle for each freeway section.

A view of the Lebanon bypass on US 19 southbound.

The Exit 1 sign; this is where Business 19 splits off on the southern side of Lebanon.

Another view on US 19 southbound.

The construction equipment is for the installation of high-mast lighting at this intersection.

VA 158 is the old routing of US 58 in Coeburn.

Approaching the US 23 interchange at Norton.

The US 23 business split at Wise.

Circular VA Secondary 757 sign in a rectangular blank.

Very old VA Secondary 757 sign with old directional plates and arrows.

Unusual font in this US 23 sign.

In Wise, this cuout still exists alongside an old VA Secondary 640 sign, with old directional plates and arrows.

Back on four-lane US 23, this is the first mention of Pikeville on the mileage signs.

Beyond Pound, there are only Kentucky destinations listed.

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