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Upper Delaware (Milford, PA) Road Meet Trip
Day 2
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There remains a short two-lane portion of US 15 between Corning and the Pennsylvania line. Although this stretch of roadway is pretty deserted, the road is actually pretty busy, with quite a few trucks.

This is an error shield. Should be US 15.

That's more like it!

A new four-lane section has opened near the state line. This is in New York, but the Clearview is a dead giveaway that the sign was done to Pennsylvania standards. There's space for exit numbers when this route becomes I-99.

Still in New York.

Approaching the PA state line.

This exit marks the end of the newly-opened section of US 15.

At the end of the ramp from US 15 to PA 287. North 287 used to be US 15 before the four-lane opened.

I had planned to take PA 328 back into New York and meet back up with NY 17 at Elmira, but after getting gas here, I opted to continue south on US 15 and take US 6 and US 220 back to NY 17.

Approaching US 15 from PA 287.

This is the first sign designating US 15 as the I-99 corridor.

US 15 runs through some pretty mountain country, some of the scenes rival those that can be found along I-26 in Tennessee and North Carolina.

Now heading east on US 6.

Intermittently posted along US 6 are these mile markers.

Heading downhill toward Troy.

Heading north on US 220 toward New York.

Still in Pennsylvania, US 220 prepares to intersect NY 17.

Now back on NY 17 heading east.

Back into New York. Gotta get that cellphone Nazi warning posted.

More Future I-86 signage.

Still snowing in the Binghamton area.

A very unusually shaped diagram sign.

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