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Oklahoma City Road Meet Trip
June 24-29, 2009
Day 1 (KY-IL-MO-AR)

These photos are from my trip to the 2009 Oklahoma City road meet held June 26-27, 2009. These photos are from the first day of the trip and cover Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas. Thumbnails for the 700 photos span six pages. Use the arrow buttons in the upper left corner of the page to navigate the thumbnail pages. To view the full-sized photos, click on one of the thumbnails on this page. You will then be able to view the images on individual Web pages.

From Beattyville, Ky. to Conway, Ark., the trip begins on KY 52 west along that route's new alignment to the north of downtown Beattyville (such as it is).

It's 27 miles to Irvine along KY 52, but that's not accounting a shortcut that saves about five miles.

This is the new alignment of KY 52. The bridge in the foreground is a land bridge; the bridge in the background crosses a stream.

A mowing crew had knocked this sign over.

"Heidelberg" is misspelle.

KY 2453 is Old Landing Road.

KY 1746 leads to Cathedral Domain, an Episcopalian Church camp that was the teenage home of Backstreet Boy member Kevin Richardson.

KY 1571 is a shortcut to Irvine that runs along the Kentucky River instead of across a winding mountain, as KY 52 does.

For several years, KY 1571 and KY 1398 ran together from this intersection back east to KY 52. When a new bridge was built (just beyond the curve in the background) in the early 1980s, the intersection was realigned and KY 1398 was truncated to here. The old intersection of these two routes sported some of the last cutouts in Kentucky back in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

This bridge replaced an old one-lane bridge with a wooden floor that was prone to flooding.

This spot on KY 1571 was once the site of those stomach-turning dips, especially noticeable heading east (this is looking west). The dip was filled in around 1983 and suffered major damage in 1984 flooding. The fill material continues to settle.

This one-lane bridge replaced an old metal truss, wooden-floored one lane bridge in the 1970s.

KY 1645 is Old Pike in Ravenna and Kirkland Avenue in Irvine. It bypasses a one-lane, low-clearance railroad underpass (next photo).

KY 1571 ends at KY 52 in Ravenna.

Intersection of KY 52 and KY 89 in Irvine.

The old truss bridge crossing the Kentucky River in Irvine. For years this was the only river crossing in Estill County until a new bridge was built downstream in the 1990s.

Heading west on KY 52 from Irvine to Richmond.

KY 499 is the bypass of Irvine that includes the new Kentucky River bridge.

Looking down the hill toward the Madison County line.

On the Richmond bypass, this stretch used to be KY 876.

On KY 52 heading west out of Richmond, passing under I-75.

KY 1295 is a shortcut between Richmond and Lancaster.

Some of the damage visible in the Kirksville area of Madison County from a tornado in the spring.

A portion of KY 52 in Garrard County, east of Lancaster, has been rebuilt.

In downtown Lancaster.

Heading west toward Danville.

Duplicate curve warning signs.

KY 52 in western Garrard County.

Crossing the Dix River and the upper reaches of Herrington Lake, going from Garrard into Boyle county.

Visible at right is one of the famed Bluegrass area rock fences.

In downtown Danville.

Driving through the Centre College campus.

KY 52 seems to disappear here. It doesn't reappear on signage until the US 68 duplex in Marion County.

US 150 approaching Perryville.

The US 68 sign is obscured.

No mention of KY 52.

US 68 is a narrow, winding road.

The beginning of a reconstructed segment of US 68.

The end of the new US 68 segment, about a mile from the Marion County line.

Some segments of US 68/KY 52 have been rebuilt in eastern Marion County.

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