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Charleston, WV Road Meet Trip
June 12-13, 2009

These photos are from my trip to the 2009 Charleston, WV road meet held June 13, 2009. These photos are from Kentucky and West Virginia. Thumbnails for the 325 photos span four pages. Use the arrow buttons in the upper left corner of the page to navigate the thumbnail pages. To view the full-sized photos, click on one of the thumbnails on this page. You will then be able to view the images on individual Web pages.

The first few of these photos from my trip the the Charleston, WV road meet consists of signs and sights I see every day on my commute to work. This is for KY 2016, as seen from KY 52 eastbound.

KY 2017 runs to Primrose and other communities in the eastern end of Lee County.

Immediately after the KY 2017 intersection is one with KY 708.

Destinations for KY 708 north.

This underpass, on KY 52 in eastern Lee County, replaces an old one-lane underpass that had 90-degree turns at either end.

After a short co-routing, KY 708 leaves KY 52 to head for Owsley County.

At one time, this was KY 2469 but the road was rerouted and now is signed for "To KY 2469."

The logo on the middle sign is the "Halfway to Hazard" logo. Chad Warrix is from Breeathitt County and is a member of that country music group.

Coming to the eastern terminus of KY 52 at KY 30, just outside Jackson.

If there was a Kentucky highway ends page, this would be the end of KY 52 that's featured on that page.

KY 397 is known as Curt Road in Breathitt County.

Approaching the end of KY 397.

The end of KY 1110 at Haddix in Breathitt County, 8 miles south of Jackson.

At the eastern end of the Hal Rogers Parkway, where KY 80 picks up the four-lane.

A look at the KY 15/KY 80 west exit.

KY 80 is known as the Carl D. Perkins Parkway, named after the longtime congressman. He's kind of Eastern Kentucky's version of Robert Byrd and has a zillion things named after him in the region.

Mileage sign on east KY 80.

If the destinations were reversed, it would be a Rowdy Dwarf.

Now in Knott County.

District 12 has begun using these larger numbers for its two-digit state route signs, as opposed to the smaller font seen a couple of photos back.

This is a typical view of the four-lane KY 80 between Hazard and Prestonsburg.

The KY 160 intersection. The route at right is a spur to Hindman.

Elk crossing.

Another view of KY 80 as it winds through the mountains.

KY 550 is the old routing of KY 80.

At one time this was signed Business KY 80.

More Clearview in the mountains.

Turning onto US 119 north.

Heading north on US 119 out of Pikeville.

I already have most of the signs on this part of US 119 photographed, so duplicates here are hit-and-miss.

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