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Texas trip
Day 2 (1/2/10)
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This is interesting -- the 35E signs are in a narrow shield, while the 30 sign is is a wide shield.

Same situation here with the shields.

You can see shields painted on the highway for I-30 and I-35E.

There are some interesting exit sign supports along this stretch of I-30 west of downtown Dallas.

There's a good on the left sign. Can you spot it? (That should be FM 157 instead of Texas 157).

Some button copy remains on this stretch of I-30.

The exit tab is button copy, the sign is not.

Approaching Fort Worth.

Another huge interchange.

Texas has some interesting artwork on some of its newer bridges.

Interesting arrow configuration.

Beyond I-820, the nature of the area quickly becomes rural, in many ways stereotypical Texas.

This is the last westbound I-30 sign. It carries the state name.

The end of I-30 as it merges into westbound I-20. There is no exit to turn onto eastbound I-20.

Mile 0 for I-30 is beneath the bridge carrying the westbound lanes of I-20.

On the frontage road.

Heading east on I-20.

A short detour for gas.

A shortcut back to I-20.

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