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Tennessee uses arrows withletters for the directions in some places, as evidenced by the signabove at Caryville, at the end of TN 116. The edge of the stop signcovers the "W" on TN 63's directional arrow.

There's a wrong way multiplexof US 411 and US 441 near Sevierville, as shown by these signs. Theone above is on northbound US 441; the one below at the southern endof TN 66. Both these signs are at the intersection that Seviervillelocals call "The Big (Traffic) Light."

This sign inside Great SmokyMountains National Park, near the Sugarlands Visitor Center south ofGatlinburg, uses the old-style Tennessee state highway marker withthe state abbreviation for the TN 73 marker.

There are a few metricdistance signs on interstates near Knoxville, originally installedaround the time of the 1982 World's Fair and as evidenced by this oneon southbound I-75.

This homemade distance signhas been mounted on a mile marker post on northbound US 25E south ofNew Tazewell for years. This sign also shows how Tennessee signs its"hidden" state routes along US highways.

These two photos, taken atdifferent times of the same assembly, show the wrong way multiplex ofUS 11W and US 25E near Bean Station, between Cumberland Gap andMorristown.

In recent years, TN 42between Static (at the Kentucky state line) and Cookeville wasrenumbered TN 111. Most signs along the route still show both TN 111and 42 markers. Most of the mile markers have been changed to TN 111markers, but as shown above, some still say the route is TN42.

Tennessee makes use of someodd-shaped US route shields, like the one for US 70N (nearCookeville) and US 321/441 (at Pigeon Forge). The Pigeon Forgeassembly also shows a wrong-way multiplex. See more from Pigeon Forgehere.

A US 421 assembly on US 11Ein Bristol, just south of the Virginia state line, with both wide andnarrow format signs.

There are some interesting signage quirks involving US 321 and US 441in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. See those signs here.Also, there is an odd directional change involving US 321 atElizabethton, which can be viewed here.To see some interesting signs at Static, a town on theKentucky-Tennessee border along US 127, clickhere.

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