InterestingSigns in Virginia

A normal-sized US 11 signnext to a smaller US 33 sign in Harrisonburg.

The two signs which appear tobe blank actually are US 23 shields,which are faded to the point thatthey appear to have no numbers in them.

Some exit signs, such as thisone on southbound I-77, have some "skinny" US route shields and smallnumbers.

Different fonts and numeralsizes on US 58 and US 421 shields in Gate City, just north of theTennessee state line.

Despite the fact that US 460has not run through Bluefield in years, the route is still signed.The VA 102 shields are cutouts, as well.

Directional duplicity inBristol, just north of the Tennessee state line.

The US 58 signs on thisassembly at Norton are new reflective cutouts; the US 23 signs areone-piece markers with the directional shield, route marker and arrowall on one black panel.

Kentucky signs its stateroutes in circles, the same as Virginia secondary routes. Todifferentiate between the two, and to show that the route actuallyleads to KY 38 and not a Virginia route, the word "Kentucky" isspelled out in this sign at Keokee.

A non-cutout I-81 shield on awhite background in Bristol.

These US 33 signs inHarrisonburg display an unusual font.

Notice the white backgroundon these US route signs near Abingdon.

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