Old Lincoln Heritage Trail sign at Perryville, Ky.

Lincoln HeritageTrail

The Lincoln Heritage Trail isa route which passes by locations of significance in the life ofAbraham Lincoln, our country's 16th president and the only one bornin Kentucky. This route passes through Kentucky, Indiana andIllinois, and is 2,200 miles long.

Years ago, the LincolnHeritage Trail was prominently marked in Kentucky. However, for somereason, the route has fallen by the wayside. There are only a fewfaded old signs left in Kentucky marking this historic route. Thesign above still stands on US 68 in Perryville. You can see if ifyou're approaching Perryville on US 68 traveling west, as it is atthe intersection of US 68, US 150, and KY 52. Another LincolnHeritage Trail, whose appearance is even worse than the sign above,is located on US 60 in Frankfort, and you can see if if you'retraveling east just past the interchange with US 421 and KY 676.Another sign is on Alternate US 60 near the Grindstead Drive / I-64interchange in Louisville. These signs are well over 20 years old.They have not been replaced as Kentucky has moved from the oldpainted signs, such as the one above, to Type III reflectivesigns.

In case you can't read thesign above, it has the face of a young Lincoln on it. The word"Lincoln" is above his head, the words "Heritage Trail" are below it.Below is a graphic from the Lincoln Heritage Trail brochure whichwill give you an idea of what the logo looks like:

Lincoln Heritage Trail logo

At one time, the LincolnHeritage Trail was enough of a tourist attraction that a brochure wasprinted to publicize it. This pamphlet was published by the LincolnHeritage Trail Association, 702 Bloomington Road, Champaign, Illinois61820.

To help maintain the historyof the Lincoln Heritage Trail, below is a scanned version of thatbrochure. The images have been reduced to fit on this page; you canuse your browser's "View Image" command to see a full-sizeversion.

Front of LHT brochure

The front of thebrochure.

Inside of LHT brochure

The inside of thebrochure

Lincoln Heritage Trail map

Map of the Lincoln HeritageTrail

Legend of LHT locations

Legend of maplocations

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