Old Road Signs From Virginia

There are separate pages for collections of old sign photos from
Abingdon,Bristol,Harrisonburgand Norton.

I've been told this is one of the most popular sign photos on my site. Taken in Bristol, Va., in October 1997, it shows that in some parts of Virginia, the old cutout shields are alive and well. This sign assembly is located at the main intersection of Commonwealth Avenue (VA 381) and Euclid Avenue (US 11/19). This is the northern split of US 11 into 11E and 11W; notice that 11W is signed as going west, while 11E is signed as going south.

See other photos of old signs in Bristol here.

Bluefield, Va., is full of old cutout shields. Most are simply US 19 and US 460 signs, such as the one pictured below at the right, but the assembly at the top left shows some old VA 102 cutouts, as well. I lost count at 20 sets of cutouts when I took these photos in September 1998.

This old VA 83 marker is located in Grundy, Va., and was photographed in September 1998.

Old US 19 and US 58 signsnear Abingdon. Many more old signs from Abingdon can be seenhere.

Old US 11 and VA 55 cutoutsat Strasburg.

Old secondary Virginia routesignage and directional signs at Hale Gap, just inside the Kentuckystate line.

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