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2009 Videos

New US 35 in West Virginia
The new four-lane portion of US 35 west of Charleston, WV opened in June, 2009. The weekend prior to the route's opening, it was a featured attraction of the West Virginia road meet. This video shows the completed route from I-64 near Teays Valley and Scott Depot to the Buffalo area of Putnam County. Shot Oct. 4, 2009. (2:43, 30.5 MB)
Corridor H in West Virginia, Wardensville to Moorefield
Part of the completed Corridor H four-lane route in West Virginia connects Wardensville and Moorefield, and replaces an older section of WV 55. Ride along through the scenic Potomac Highlands. Shot Oct. 3, 2009. (4:06, 46.8 MB)
US 48 in Virginia
The Corridor H route in West Virginia and Virginia, linking I-79 with I-81, is destined to be signed US 48 upon its completion. So far, the route has been signed only along the portion of VA 55 between I-81 and the state line. Incidentally, Virginia has tabled its plans to build its portion of Corridor H and when West Virginia completes construction, this short two-lane gap will remain. This video shows the route between Strasburg, Va. and Wardensville, WV, and has a special dedication to a certain idiot who thinks this is some sort of treacherous mountain road that will deter through traffic from using it once West Virginia completes the four-lane.. Shot Oct. 3, 2009. (4:18, 49 MB)
I-895, Harbor Tunnel Thruway in Baltimore, Md.
A virtual drive on I-895 in Baltimore, from I-95 north of the I-695 interchange, through the Harbor Tunnel, and back to I-95 on the south side of Baltimore. Shot Oct. 3, 2009. (3?52, 43.9 MB)
Delaware Memorial Bridge, I-295 and I-95
This video starts just north of the New Jersey Turnpike's southernmost toll plaza, then follows I-295 across the Delaware Memorial Bridge and then I-95 through Delaware and into Maryland. Shot Oct. 3, 2009. (4:26, 50.4 MB)
Garden State Parkway
This video shows the Garden State Parkway as it skirts the New York City metro area, beginning at I-87 in New York and ending at the New Jersey Turnpike interchange. The soundtrack contains one of the most popular driving songs of the 1980s. Shot Oct. 3 , 2009. (8:19, 96.2 MB)
I-587 in New York
There's not much to this route. It doesn't even really touch its parent, I-87. It begins at a roundabout at the NY Thruway exit for NY 28, is co-signed with NY 28 its entire length, and ends at NY 32. Shot Oct. 2, 2009. (0:57, 9.8 MB)
I-90, Mass Pike and NY State Thruway Berkshire Spur
This video picks up I-90, the Massachusetts Turnpike at its last toll plaza and shows the route crossing the border into New York, then continues along the Berkshire Spur beyond the I-90 departure, crossing the Hudson River to I-87. Shot Oct. 2, 2009. (5:31, 63.3 MB)
I-95 in New Hampshire
A virtual clinch of I-95 in New Hampshire, from Maine to Massachusetts, including the infamous state liquor store exit. Shot Oct. 2, 2009. (3:47, 43.2 MB)
I-393 in New Hampshire
Follow the last few miles of I-89, then go north along I-93 and see the entire length of I-393 near Concord, N.H. Shot Oct. 2, 2009. (3:43, 32.3 MB)
Vt. 9, Bennington to Wilmington
Enjoy a trip across the mountains of southern Vermont in the early fall. There is some pretty scenery along this route. This video is part one of a trip across the southern tier of the Green Mountain State. Shot Oct. 2, 2009. (6:11, 71.4 MB)
Vt. 9, Wilmington to Brattleboro
Part two of the trip across southern Vermont picks up where the first part left off and continues to I-91 at Brattleboro. Shot Oct. 2 , 2009. (4:43, 54.5 MB)
US 7 in Massachusetts, Connecticut State Line to Pittsfield
Part one of a virtual clinch of US 7 in Massachusetts, this video begins at the Connecticut state line and follows the highway north to MA 9 in downtown Pittsfield. Shot Oct. 1, 2009. (9:58; 115.5 MB)
US 7 in Massachusetts, Pittsfield to Vermont State Line
The second part of the virtual US 7 clinch starts where the first one left off and continues north to the Vermont state line. Shot Oct. 1, 2009. (7:30; 86.7 MB)
Palisades Interstate Parkway, New York
Travel the northern portion of this two-state scenic highway from the New York Thruway north to Bear Mountain. Shot Oct. 1, 2009. (4:55, 56.3 MB)
I-64 across Afton Mountain in Virginia
This area is often prone to fog, but not on this day. Enjoy an early fall trip across Afton Mountain in the Blue Ridge of Virginia. Shot Sept. 30, 2009. (4:06; 46.9 MB)
I-64 and I-81 in Virginia
These two interstates have a 30-mile concurrency that is heavily used by trucks, but also runs through some very pretty country. Shot Sept. 30, 2009. (5:58; 68.7 MB)
I-64, Beckley to Sam Black Church, WV
This is the first in a set of four videos covering I-64 from I-77 at Beckley, WV to I-81 at Lexington, Va. This video shows the last portion of I-64 to be built in West Virginia, from Beckley to Sam Black Church. Shot Sept. 30, 2009. (7:03; 81.3 MB)
I-64, Sam Black Church, WV to Virginia/West Virginia state line
The second installment in this series of videos picks up where the first one left off, heading east on I-64 from US 60 at Sam Black Church (the longtime end of the interstate) by Lewisburg and White Sulphur Springs to the Virginia state line. Shot Sept. 30, 2009. (5:45; 66.1 MB)
I-64, Virginia/West Virginia state line to Clifton Forge
Next in the set is this trip along I-64 east from the Virginia-West Virginia state line to US 220 at Clifton Forge. Shot Sept. 30 , 2009. (5:49; 67 MB)
I-64, Clifton Forge to Lexington, Va.
The fourth video in the series depicts I-64 from the US 220 exit at Clifton Forge, Va., to I-81 at Lexington. Shot Sept. 30, 2009. (5:54; 67.9 MB)
I-275 Cincinnati Bypass, OH-IN-KY
This is the western portion of Cincinnati's circle freeway, from I-74 in Ohio, passing through a corner of Indiana, to I-71 and I-75 in Kentucky. Shot Sept. 27, 2009. (5:45; 66.1 MB)
I-75 Mackinac Bridge in Michigan
Travel both north and south on the famous bridge linking Michigan's Upper Peninsula with the lower portion of the state. Shot Sept. 25, 2009. (4:58; 57.1 MB)
I-469 in Indiana
The eastern bypass of Fort Wayne also carries US routes (US 30, US 24 and US 33) for its entire length. Shot Sept. 24, 2009. (6:22; 73.7 MB)
I-70 through Indianapolis
A virtual drive from west to east through Indiana's capital city. Shot July 11, 2009. (4:49; 55.1 MB)
KY 80, Somerset to London
See the route that would be replaced by I-66 should the interstate ever be built, and judge for yourself if an interstate is necessary in this area. Shot June 29, 2009. (9:11; 106.5 MB)
US 68/KY 80, Land Between The Lakes, Ky.
A construction project is underway to widen this route to four lanes through the popular recreation area, but the route still traverses two 1930's vintage bridges across Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley. Shot June 29, 2009. (3:34; 40.5 MB)
I-24 in Illinois
View the entire length of I-24 in Illinois, from I-57 southeast to the Ohio River and the Kentucky state line near Paducah. Shot June 28, 2009. (7:53; 91.1 MB)
I-44, St. Louis
Travel from the I-270 bypass on the southwest side of St. Louis through the city and across the Mississippi River into Illinois. Shot June 28, 2009. (5:19; 61.1 MB)
Kilpatrick Turnpike, Oklahoma City
This toll road runs along the north and northwest outskirts of Oklahoma City. It's meant as a bypass of the downtown area for traffic using I-44 west to I-40 west, and I-40 east to I-44 east. This video covers the entire route of the turnpike. Shot June 26, 2009. (7:25; 85.4 MB)
I-240, Oklahoma City
This interstates bypasses Oklahoma City to the south, stretching from I-40 east of town to I-44 on the city's southwest side. Shot June 26, 2009. (4;12; 48 MB)
I-235, Oklahoma City
This is a short interstate running through Oklahoma's capital city. Shot June 26, 2009. (2:03; 22.9 MB)
US 119, South Williamson, Ky. to Logan, WV
US 119 and US 52 cross twice into Kentucky from West Virginia for short distances. See this roadway and then travel north on US 119 along Appalachian Corridor G. Shot June 12, 2009. (8:01; 92.7 MB)
Hal Rogers Parkway, Hazard to Hyden
This is the first of three videos depicting the length of the "super-2" former toll road in southeastern Kentucky. This clip spans the section from the parkway's eastern terminus at KY 15 near Hazard to the Hyden exit. Shot May 7, 2009. (4:07; 49.1 MB)
Hal Rogers Parkway, Hyden to Manchester
The second of three videos encompassing the length of this highway, covering the portion from the Hyden exit to the Manchester exit. Shot May 77, 2009. (6:01; 69.1 MB)
Hal Rogers Parkway, Manchester to London
The third and final in this series spans the portion of the road from the Manchester exit to the route's western terminus at US 25 and KY 80 in London. Shot May 7, 2009. (5:44; 65.8 MB)
OH 315
This freeway in Columbus connects I-70 and I-71 on the south side of town with I-270 on the north side of town and serves Ohio State University. Shot May 9, 2009. (3:24; 38.5 MB)
I-180 in Pennsylvania
This is a "late afternoon to early evening" video of I-180's entire length in northeastern Pennsylvania. The route runs basically parallel to the Susequehanna River, beginning at I-80 and ending at the interchange of US 15 and US 220 in Williamsport. Shot April 17, 2009. (7:06; 47.5 MB)
I-277 in Ohio
The only "child" interstate of "parent" I-77 in Ohio, I-277 is a short route that connects I-77 and I-76 on the southwestern side of Akron, and is co-signed with US 224 for its entire route. Shot April 16, 2009. (1:12; 7.8 MB)
OH 833 and US 33, Pomeroy to Athens
Cross the new cable-stayed bridge between Mason, WV and Pomeroy, OH, and travel the new alignment of US 33 to Athens. Shot April 16, 2009. (4:41; 31.4 MB)
WV 193
This route is known as the Merricks Creek Connector and links US 60 and I-64 near Barboursville to WV 2, northeast of Huntington. Shot April 16, 2009. (1:27; 9.4 MB)
KY 7, West Liberty to Grayson
This highway is a major connector between the Mountain Parkway and I-64 in eastern Kentucky. Portions of the route have been reconstructed and this road passes through the scenic Grayson Lake area. Shot April 4, 2009. (7:44; 51.9 MB)

Panasonic SDR-S7P video camera
Sunpak ClampPod Pro
Apple MacBook 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

Apple iMovie 8.0.2

I-86, Elmira to Corning, NY
After recent upgrades, the I-86 designation has been extended along NY 17, the Southern Tier Expressway, as far east as Elmira. Travel westward from the interstate's beginning to US 15. Shot Feb. 20, 2009. (4:10; 30 MB)
VA-WV 127, from US 522 to WV 29
This multi-state route offers a scenic drive. For a short portion, the state line between Virginia and West Virginia runs down the center of the road. Shot Feb. 22, 2009. (3:17; 23.6 MB)
PA 652, New York state line to US 6
This route used to be the easternmost section of US 106. The Milford, Pa. (Upper Delaware River Valley) road meet included this highway. Shot Feb. 21, 2009. (3:56; 28.1 MB)
US 15 in New York
The northernmost portion of US 15 begins in Corning, NY and continues south into Pennsylvania. Part of the route has been upgraded to a four-lane freeway and this is a part of the future I-99 corridor. Shot Feb. 20, 2009 and picks up where the I-86 video above leaves off. (1:44; 12.3 MB)
I-80, eastern Pennsylvania to New Jersey
A highlight of this drive is the unique anti-tailgating pavement marking scheme in the Stroudsburg area, as well as the route's passage through the Delaware Water Gap as it crosses the Delaware River from Pennsylvania into New Jersey. Shot Feb. 20, 2009. (4:57; 35.8 MB)
US 220, Cumberland, Md. to Bedford, Pa.
This route will also eventually be part of the I-99 corridor. As it exists now, however, the road is a pleasant drive through a scenic farming valley. It connects I-68 in Maryland with the Pennsylvania Turnpike and the southern terminus of existing I-99. Shot Feb. 19, 2009. (6:16; 45.6 MB)
US 68, Fayette and Jessamine counties, Ky.
Take a drive through the outskirts of Lexington and through some of Kentucky's famed horse country. Portions of this route in Jessamine County were under construction at the time the video was shot in winter 2009. (3:29; 25.1 MB)

Panasonic SDR-S7P video camera
Sunpak Click-n-Stick suction cup monopod
Apple MacBook 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

Apple iMovie HD v6.0.4 (for producing movies)
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2008 Videos

New US 119, Pike County, Ky.
The 2005 Kentucky road meet featured a tour of US 119 between Pikeville and the West Virginia state line, parts of which were under construction at the time. The road finally was completed and opened to traffic in 2008. This video tours the new section going both north and south. (4:44; 34.1 MB)
KY 30, Jackson and Owsley counties in southeastern Kentucky
Why is a certain portion of sotheastern Kentucky one of the most economically depressed areas in the country? This road is one huge reason. KY 30 is the primary link for a multi-county area to I-75, yet the road is substandard and is a major hindrance to economic development. This curvy, hilly, narrow route induces carsickness at normal speeds, be sure to take some Dramamine before watching this video which compresses a 20-mile drive into slightly less than eight and a half minutes. (8:24; 61 MB)
I-290, Buffalo, NY
Travel from west to east on this route which bypasses downtown Buffalo on the north and west sides. (4:03; 29 MB)
I-990, Buffalo, NY
Check out the highest-numbered interstate highway. (3:38; 25.3 MB)
I-271, Northeastern Ohio
This route allows traffic heading toward Pennsylvania and New York from Columbus, Ohio, to bypass the Cleveland area. Of interest is the express/local setup near the route's northeastern terminus. (7:55; 57.3 MB)
I-670, Columbus, Ohio
Take a twilight crosstown trip through Ohio's capital city. (3:14; 22.7 MB)
US 25E, Tazewell to Bean Station, Tenn.
As part of Appalachian Corridor S, US 25E in Tennessee is being relocated to a new four-lane highway. Check out the construction in October 2008 and cross scenic Clinch Mountain. (5:27; 37.8 MB)
New US 50 (Corridor D) Ohio River bridge, Ohio-West Virginia
With the opening of the Blennerhassett Island Bridge crossing the Ohio River between Belpre, Ohio and Parkersburg, W. Va., Appalachian Corridor D between Cincinnati and Clarksburg was finally finished. Take a virtual drive across the new bridge and the final section of US 50 to be completed. (4:11; 30.2 MB)
I-64 between Frankfort and Lexington, Ky.
Travel through Kentucky's famed bluegrass country, noted for its horse farms, on this, the last segment of I-64 to open in Kentucky. (6:11; 42.5 MB)
Bridges of Virginia's Northern Neck area
The area north of the Hampton Roads area and southwest of the Potomac River in Virginia is known as the Northern Neck. There are a number of long bridges crossing wide streams in this area. Travel across several of these bridges. (3:47; 25.8 MB)
I-65 between Franklin and Bowling Green, Ky.
A 2008 construction project to widen I-65 in southern Kentucky used a unique traffic control setup. Check it out. (4:33; 32 MB)
I-155, Missouri and Tennessee
This spur interstate, which also carries US 412, runs from I-55 in Missouri to US 51 in Tennessee. (6:32; 44.9 MB)
I-55 through Tennessee
I-55 has a short run through the Volunteer State, around the south and west sides of Memphis. Follow the route from Mississippi into Arkansas. (5:17, 37.3 MB)
I-110 through Baton Rouge, La.
This spur off I-10 runs through Louisiana's capital city. (5:47; 41.8 MB)
US 11's final southernmost miles in Louisiana
This video captures the southernmost miles of a highway that stretches from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico, on a diagonal path along the Appalachian Mountains. Follow US 11 from I-12 through Slidell and across Lake Pontchartrain to its national southern terminus at US 90 inside the city limits of New Orleans. (6:15; 44.7 MB)
I-59 in Louisiana
On the Saturday morning of the Hurricane Gustav evacuations, go the opposite direction (south) along the entire length of I-59 in Louisiana, from the Mississippi state line to the route's national southern end at I-10 and I-12. (2:16; 16.1 MB)
I-359 through Tuscaloosa, Ala.
Go both north and south on this short spur interstate. (2:22, 16.9 MB)
I-59 through Birmingham, Ala.
Follow I-59 through this Alabama city as it spawns a "child" interstate, I-459, picks up I-20, crosses I-65 and intersects I-459 again. (7:10; 51.5 MB)
I-759, Gadsden, Ala.
This short interstate links I-59 to the city of Gadsden in Alabama. (2:47; 19.8 MB)
US 25E Cumberland Gap Tunnel, Kentucky-Tennessee
The original alignment of US 25E took it through the Cumberland Gap, through which settlers poured from Virginia into Kentucky and the west. In the late 1990s, this tunnel opened directly between Kentucky and Tennessee, bypassing the Virginia portion of US 25E. (3:52; 27.2 MB)
US 129, "Tail of the Dragon," Tennessee-North Carolina
You won't find a much more curvy section of US highway than this famous portion of US 129 across Deels Gap in the Great Smoky Mountains. This stretch of road is a favorite of motorcyclists and sports car enthusiasts. (7:59; 90.7 MB)
James River Bridge, Virginia
Cross the wide James River on US 17, US 258 and VA 32 in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. (4:46, 33.7 MB)
West Virginia Turnpike north from Beckley
One of the most scenic mountain interstates in the eastern United States is that portion of the West Virginia Turnpike (I-64 and I-77) between Beckley and the Kanawha River valley a few miles south of Charleston. (7:07, 51.7 MB)
Mountain Parkway, Salyersville to Campton, Ky.
The eastern portion of the 1960s-vintage former toll road is a "Super 2" highway, while the western portion is a full four-lane freeway. Experience the two-lane portion of the route that opened up eastern Kentucky's mountains. (6:56; 34.1 MB)
Coalfields Expressway (Future US 121) near Beckley, W.Va.
The Coalfields Expressway will eventually link the West Virginia Turnpike near Beckley, W.Va. with US 23 near Pound, Va. A short portion of the route near its eastern terminus recently opened to traffic. (3:39; 16.7 MB)
I-464, Hampton Roads area, Va.
This short interstate links downtown Norfolk with Portsmouth. (2:25, 11 MB)
I-64 through Richmond, Va.
Follow I-64 through Richmond, including its concurrency with I-95, and see the road construction project that was the focal point of the July 2008 Richmond road meet. (4:55, 24.2 MB)
Alternate US 58, Norton to St. Paul, Va.??
Drive through the mountains of southwestern Virginia across the major highway linking the US 23 corridor with US 19 and I-81. (4:35; 22 MB)
Alternate US 58, St. Paul to Hansonville, Va.
Finish the drive on US 58 from St. Paul and the Clinch River crossing to US 19, outside Abingdon. (4:35, 21 MB)
US 220 (Future I-73 and I-74), Asheboro to Greensboro, N.C. (Richard Petty Freeway)
What are the two most out-of-place interstates in the system, not counting California's I-238? I-73 and I-74, which are popping up in various places in North Carolina. The freeway segment of US 220 south of Greensboro also carries the designation of the future route of one or both interstates. This route also passes Randleman and Level Cross, the traditional home of seven-time NASCAR champion and 200-race winner Richard Petty. A portion of the freeway is named after the legendary racer. Also included is another trip through Death Valley in Greensboro. (5:59, 28.3 MB)
NC 3 and Dale Earnhardt Blvd., Mooresville to Kannapolis/Concord, N.C.
Once upon a time, the road running from Mooresville to Kannapolis bore the number NC 136. NC 3 was posted on a short dead-end road in extreme northeastern North Carolina, not too far from the Outer Banks. After the death of seven-time NASCAR champion Dale Earnhardt, NCDOT reversed those route number designations. Now, NC 3 runs from Mooresville, where Earnhardt built his race team's headquarters, to Kannapolis, Earnhardt's hometown, and NC 136 has been moved to the other route. Part of NC 3 runs across Dale Earnhardt Blvd. in Kannapolis. This video gives a passing glimpse of the Dale Earnhardt, Inc. headquarters and also the "Dale Trail," a marked touring route highlighting places key in Earnhardt's life in yet another way his hometown has paid tribute to its late, great native son. (6:40, 31.6 MB)
US 321, Boone to Lenoir, N.C.
Travel through the mountains of North Carolina, cross the Eastern Continental Divide, and drive (virtually, of course) a major construction project that involves moving tons of rock. (8:47, 41.6 MB)
US 119, Whitesburg to Payne Gap, Ky.
US 119, a part of Appalachian Corridor F, runs diagonally from I-75 in Tennessee to US 23 in Kentucky. This section, from Whitesburg to Payne Gap, Ky., runs along the northern base of Pine Mountain, one of the area's key geological features. This video ends near the headwaters of the Kentucky River in Letcher County. (3:31; 16.5 MB)
I-75 southbound through Greater Cincinnati
Check out I-75 from I-275 in Ohio to the I-71 split in Kentucky. (9:27; 45 MB)
Business I-40, Greensboro, N.C.
This route recently became Business I-40 when mainline I-40 was rerouted to a new highway on the south side of Greensboro. This video includes a trip through "Death Valley," the historic eastern national end of I-40 at I-85, which is now the intersection of Business I-40 and Business I-85. As a bonus, see six highways on one piece of pavement going three different directions. (4:18; 19.6 MB)
KY/VA 80, Elkhorn City, Ky. to Haysi, Va.
The Russell Fork of the Big Sandy River cuts through Pine Mountain in what many call "The Grand Canyon of the East." Breaks Interstate Park, jointly operated by Kentucky and Virginia, allows tourist access to this natural wonder. State Route 80, running from Elkhorn City, Ky. to Haysi, Va., provides access to the interstate park. This mountainous road is very scenic and is also heavily traveled by turtle-slow coal trucks. (7:59; 38.2 MB)
KY 15, Vicco to Isom
If you saw the movie "Fire Down Below" featuring Steven Seagal, which was set in eastern Kentucky, you may remember an aerial shot of a highway beside a lake. That route was KY 15 alongside Carr Fork Reservoir in Knott County. See it from driver's seat level. (3:48; 18.4 MB)
I-74, US 52 to Virginia state line in North Carolina
Journey along one of the country's newest interstates from where it springs from US 52 near Mt. Airy to where it disappears into thin air at the Virginia state line while running concurrently with I-77. (4:08; 19.3 MB)
I-81 and I-77 concurrency in Virginia
In the world of roadgeekery, one of the most famous stretches of roadway is this short portion of interstate highway in the southwestern Virginia mountains. At the same time, you are going both north and south on four numbered highways: I-77, I-81, US 11 and US 52. Take a ride into the setting afternoon sun on this bit of directional duplicity. (4:49; 21.9 MB)
NC 147, Durham Freeway
NC 147 makes for a great alternate route when I-40 is tied up due to construction in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina. Enjoy this totally non, non, non non, non heinous video drive from I-40 northwest to I-85. (3:29; 16.8 MB)
US 23, Wise, Va. to Payne Gap, Ky.
Otherwise known as Appalachian Corridor B, US 23 provides a modern link from Asheville, N.C. all the way north to Columbus, Ohio. The portion featured in this video includes the most expensive highway project ever in the history of Kentucky. Journey across Pine Mountain at Pound Gap on the Virginia side, then down the mountain on the Kentucky side. (4:26; 21.6 MB)
VA/TN 91, Damascus, Va. to Mountain City, Tenn.
This route has been called one of the most scenic drives in all of central Appalachia. It's also the fastest and best route from the Bristol-Abingdon area of Virginia and the I-81 corridor to Boone, N.C. (5:21; 26 MB)
US 35 in Dayton, Ohio
US 35 is the east-west expressway through Dayton. It's full freeway from I-675 on the east side of town to beyond I-75 on the west side, and a surface route with at-grade crossings the rest of the way. See Dayton's skyline and the massive I-75 stack interchange. (3:42; 17.7 MB)
I-70 north of Dayton, Ohio
I-70 passes to the north of Dayton, where it crosses I-75. A massive reconstruction of the 70-75 interchange was underway when this video was shot. (3:32; 17 MB)
I-255 in Illinois and Missouri
I-255 crosses I-64, picks up US 50, crosses the Mississippi River, loses US 50 and becomes I-270 at the I-55 interchange for no good reason at all. (6:36; 33.3 MB)
US 41 twin bridges crossing Ohio River, Henderson, Ky.
The only place, besides Pennsylvania, where you can cross the Ohio River without crossing a state line is in Henderson, Ky., where the Ohio River is completely within the Bluegrass State and the border with Indiana lies north of the river. Check out this phenomenon and cross both bridges via a unique traffic control setup due to a bridge painting project. (7:38; 36.4 MB)
KY 11, Red River Gorge Scenic Byway, Slade to Beattyville, Ky.
Follow the twists and turns of KY 11 as it winds from the Mountain Parkway's Exit 33 at Slade through Natural Bridge State Resort Park and the Daniel Boone National Forest, as part of the Red River Gorge Scenic Byway, and continue on a modern highway to Beattyville. (4:54; 24 MB)
US 50 "Super 2" highway, Lebanon to Carlyle, Ill.
Cutting through south-central Illinois, US 50 runs north of and parallel to I-64. This route contains a large section of two-lane "super 2" highway with right-of-way for four lanes, and in several locations bridges were built for the second carriageway with no corresponding roadway. (6:51, 32.4 MB)
I-64 westbound through Louisville, Ky.
From I-265 in Kentucky to I-265 in Indiana, follow I-64 past two encounters with I-264, an intersection nicknamed after pasta, a tunnel and a double-decker bridge. (4:35; 21.9 MB)
I-64 eastbound through St. Louis, Mo. and East St. Louis, Ill.
Journey along I-64 (and US 40, too) through two double-decker freeway sections in St. Louis, then cross the Mississippi River into Illinois and head toward Louisville. (3:28; 16.7 MB)
I-265, IND 265 and IND 62
Take a ride across I-265 and IND 265, and continue east on IND 62 on the north side of the Ohio River near Louisville. No nighttime videos here; this was shot in broad daylight. (4:06; 19.7 MB)
You never know what you'll encounter out on the highway. During a peaceful drive across I-64 in southern Indiana, the reverie of Sean Hannity's radio show was interrupted by a blowout on the tractor-trailer that had just passed me. I caught it all on video. This one's short and sweet. (0:07; 808 KB)
I-64 meets the Mountain Parkway
This was the first video I ever shot and produced. On the way home from Lexington, the day I bought the camera, I held the camera as steady as I could with one hand as I negotiated eastbound I-64 and the entrance ramp to the Mountain Parkway. (2:12; 13.1 MB)

Aiptek ISDV 2.4 video camera
Sunpak Click-n-Stick suction cup monopod
Apple MacBook 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

Apple iMovie HD v6.0.4 (for producing movies)
EasyWMV and VisualHub (for converting movies from their native format)
MPEG Streamclip (for editing the length of movies before importing into iMovie)

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