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Oklahoma City Road Meet Trip
June 24-29, 2009
Day 3 (Oklahoma City Area)

These photos are from my trip to the 2009 Oklahoma City road meet held June 26-27, 2009. These photos are from the third day of the trip and cover the tour on the first day of the meet, plus a short side trip in the evening. Thumbnails for the 370 photos span four pages. Use the arrow buttons in the upper left corner of the page to navigate the thumbnail pages. To view the full-sized photos, click on one of the thumbnails on this page. You will then be able to view the images on individual Web pages.

These photos are all from Day 3 of my OKC trip, and the first day of the meet itself. This is on I-40 east between MacArthur and Meridian.

On the tour, we took I-40 from the west side of town to downtown.

Driving along Reno Avenue in OKC.

Streets in this area of Bricktown have been renamed in honor of Oklahoma celebrities.

Our first views of the new I-40 expressway under construction, to replace the elevated expressway at left.

This will be the westbound side of the new I-40.

David Backlin and Gene Van in the westbound lanes of future I-40.

Scott Nazelrod and Jeremy Lance at the end of the concrete pavement as it currently exists.

This is the eastbound side.

Gene Van and Steve Riner.

Looking west on the eastbound side.

The two carriageways have a difference in elevation.

This shot shows the elevation difference between the eastbound lanes (right) and westbound lanes (left).

I got to drive on a street named for a childhood hero -- Oklahoma native Johnny Bench, a star on the Cincinnati Reds teams of the 1970s.

Back on the interstate, heading toward I-235.

Getting ready to exit onto I-235 north to clinch that route.

Preparing to head east on I-44 over to I-35.

Entering southbound I-35.

Exiting onto I-40 eastbound.

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