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Charleston, WV Road Meet Trip
June 12-13, 2009
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On the old four-lane section of US 119 near Belfry.

Looking ahead at the state line and the US 52 intersection.

The last US 119 sign in Kentucky.

US 52/US 119 (ARC Corridor G) crosses into Kentucky twice. This is the first of those brief crossings.

Note the WV 292 marker for access to what is really KY 292. This is on the bridge crossing into Pike County, Ky.

The bridge in the background marks the crossing back into West Virginia.

Crossing back into Kentucky, briefly.

This is in West Virginia. Weather conditions prohibited me from getting a picture of the state line crossing.

This section of US 119 north of Logan was the last portion of the Corridor G route between US 52 and Charleston to open.

My grandfather came from near Hamlin.

At one time this was signed as "JCT WV 214" but in reality, it's a short connector to the route which parallels US 119 from this point to the WV 601 exit.

Approaching the end of Corridor G.

Traffic has two opportunities to enter I-64. It can either take this ramp or go on beyond and make a left turn.

Signage on US 119 for WV 61 and also the auxiliary ramp to I-64.

On US 60, MacCorkle Avenue in Charleston.

Heading toward Cross Lanes.

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