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St. Louis Roadgeek Meet
Day 3
April 20, 2008

These photos are from my trip to the St. Louis roadgeek meeting. They are from Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky, and were taken on April 20, 2008. To view the full-sized photos, click on one of the thumbnails on this page. You will then be presented with navigation controls to view the images on individual Web pages as a slide show.

Day 3's photos begin with a mileage reference marker for IND 62. These have been installed for all numbered routes in the Evansville area: state, US and interstate routes.

US 41 in Evansville.

Looking north on US 41. The truss bridge in the center of the photo carries southbound traffic while a newer bridge handles northbound traffic.

Turning around and heading south on US 41. There should be a "Business" designation for US 41 here.

The same truss bridge seen a few photos back.

A project to pour a new concrete roadbed along IND 66 westbound.

Milling along IND 66.

The New Harmony bridge linking IND 66 and IL 14 is closed.

This writing is on the back side of the sign that can be seen in the next photo. Presumably it stands for "White County Bridge Commission."

Indiana uses several treatments for the "cross traffic does not stop" sign, including this one.

A much better shot of the signage upon entering Illinois than what was taken the day before in the rain.

Unusual wire-mounted street light in the center of the street in Mt. Carmel.

This is the old routing of US 231, which came in on the left and joined IND 66 going straight.

This used to be US 231 as well as IND 66.

Unusual combo of orange and yellow.

This is the southern end of IND 37, which is needlessly multiplexed for a block or two with IND 66.

Nice use of a wide three-digit shield for a two-digit US 60 sign.

Until they get the East End Bridge built, this sign will remain true.

Indiana removed the IND 62 designation from the surface streets through Jeffersonville, Clarksville and New Albany several years ago, routing it across I-265 and IND 265.

Even though this is on IND 265, the mileage reference markers carry I-265 designations.

The END of IND 265. Maybe sometime within the next decade this road will continue across the Ohio River and link with Kentucky's I-265.

Another shot of the END signage.

And a zoomed-out closeup of the same scene from two photos ago.

This is on IND 62 going east after you loop around off IND 265.

Oops! Road Closed! A detour was necessitated.

The IND 62 detour used IND 3 for its first leg.

The IND 62 detour followed IND 203 for a short distance.

IND 203 intersects IND 362, and the IND 62 detour turns here.

"Ivy Tech" must be Indiana's system of community or vocational colleges. There are "Ivy Tech" campuses all across the state.

A light misty rain had begun to set in as I traveled along the north side of Madison on IND 62.

The rain made this sign hard to photograph, but it basically warns (and wisely so) trucks not to use IND 62 because of sharp curves, steep hills and a winding road. Boy, this sign wasn't kidding.

This is past where IND 250 splits from IND 62.

The first mention I saw of Cincinnati on my short drive across US 50.

On the connector ramp from US 50 to I-275.

The bridge crossing the Ohio River and into Kentucky from Indiana.

That sign should still say Ernie Fletcher, in my considered and not so humble opinion. Don't Blame Me, I Voted For Fletcher!!!!!!

State name sign for I-71 along with "neutered" I-75 sign, as southbound traffic on KY 237 approaches KY 18 in Burlington.

The ramp from KY 18 to southbound I-71/75 does not allow for access to US 42/127.

KY 1017 is Turfway Road and links the new ending of KY 18 to US 25/42/127 in Florence.

This was the beginning of a short portion of US 42/127 that I had not been on previously in my memory (I think I had been on it as a small child). Driving this portion allowed me to clinch all of US 127 in Kentucky and gave me a portion of US 42 I also needed to clinch the route.

The US 42 sign's missing, or we'd have a three-way multiplex here.

Split of US 127 south from US 42 west.

At the Markland Dam Bridge.

Darn rain and darkness, playing heck with photography.

The Kentucky Utilities power plant at Ghent. (Pronounced "gent" as in short for gentleman.)

The historic northern end of US 227 at Carrollton, Ky.

Bridge over the Kentucky River near that stream's mouth at the Ohio River. The three forks of the Kentucky River join to form the main stem near my home.

KY 36 is being closed periodically to repair a slide, so US 42 and US 421 are being used as a detour route.

This is incorrect. Actually, US 421 southbound joins US 42 westbound for a short distance. That should be a "right and straight" arrow under the US 421 sign.

This KY 421 goof has been here for years. The detour sign is for KY 36 traffic.

Darkness beginning to set in.

The turn from US 42 to KY 841 (future I-265) has been modified in anticipation of I-265's extension into Indiana and the building of an East End bridge in the Louisville area.

The start of I-265.

This was the last good photo I got as darkness and misty conditions took over. However, I came back to this area a few days later after my stay in Louisville was over and better photos are available on the "Day 4" page from this trip.

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