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Upstate New York meet trip
September 2010
Days 1-2 (Thursday Sept. 23/Friday, Sept. 24)

These photos are from my trip to the Upstate New York meet in Rochester in September 2010. Photos are from Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York. Thumbnails for the 342 photos span three pages. Use the arrow buttons in the upper left corner of the page to navigate the thumbnail pages. To view the full-sized photos, click on one of the thumbnails on this page. You will then be able to view the images on individual Web pages.

Even though noted anti-coal mining activist Ashley Judd isn't a member of The Judds (she's the daughter and sister of the mother/daugher duo), apparently pro-coal interests decided to take their anger at Ashley's attempts to do away with their way of life out on this sign honoring The Judds. At the Boyd/Lawrence county line on US 23 northbound.

The new eastbound I-64 bridge over the Kanawha River at Charleston.

Fast-forward to I-79 and the only button copy sign left on the northbound drive between Charleston and the PA state line.

Signage for a new exit in the Fairmont area.

Empty gantry awaiting a sign.

This is the construction at the southern terminus of the Mon-Fayette Expressway, soon to be Toll WV 43.

Overpass which will carry WV 43 over County 857 at Cheat Lake.

Overpass for WV 43 above Goodwin Hill Road.

Looking at WV 43 construction and the Goodwin Hill overpass from Bowers Road.

This route will be the connector from WV 43 to County 857.

Starting out Friday morning from Morgantown, heading to I-79 from US 19.

One of the few guide signs in either WV or PA that does not have the state listed for Washington, which is the crossroads for I-79 and I-70.

Heading north on I-79 into Pennsylvania.

On PA 21.

State name signs on PA 21.

A trailblazer marker on I-79.

This mileage sign is the first mention of Pittsburgh.

Button copy.

More button copy.

I-279's number has been changed to I-376 along the route known as Parkway West.

Milemarkers have been installed that reflect the route number change.

After exiting the Fort Pitt Tunnel, you get this view of downtown Pittsburgh.

A lot of weaving is required to stay on I-279. A left weave on the Fort Pitt Bridge and a right weave on the Fort Duquesne Bridge.

I-279 bubble shield.

This exit sign is for I-79 after the end of I-279.

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