H.B.'sGuide to Kentucky's Interstates and Parkways

Kentucky has an excellentsystem of primary highways. Five major interstate highways and fourinterstate bypasses serve the commonwealth. They are linked by ninelimited-access parkways. There were originally 10 toll roads, but theKentucky Turnpike (part of I-65 between Elizabethtown and Louisville)ceased to exist and the signs were taken down when the tolls wereremoved. Of the nine parkways which are still signed, tolls have beenremoved from all but four because the bonds have been paidoff.

Kentucky's interstates andparkways connect all areas of the state. It is possible to enterKentucky from West Virginia and drive all the way to Paducah withoutstopping for a traffic light. A good system of primary highways linksmost towns not served by an interstate or parkway. There are very fewcounty seats that are not at least 30 minutes away, via an improvedroad, from one of Kentucky's limited-access highways or a four-laneartery.

Howto Use This Guide

This guide contains a listingof exits on Kentucky's interstates and parkways. Information for eachexit is contained in a separate table; information on each highway iscontained on a separate Web page. Listed are exit numbers, routenumbers, destinations as noted on the highway exit signs, andcomments on the intersecting route -- including destinations notnoted on the signs. Exits are listed from top to bottom of the pagein mile-marker order. For east-west routes, listings are from west toeast; for north-south routes, from south to north. To travel in theopposite direction, go to the bottom of the page and scroll upward."Under Construction" next to a route indicates that I have theinformation on the highway and just need the time to compose the Webpage for that route.


I-71(Under Construction)


BertT. Combs Mountain Parkway
BlueGrass Parkway
WesternKentucky Parkway
PennyrileParkway 3/7/00
WilliamH. Natcher Parkway
Daniel Boone Parkway (Proposed)

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