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2009 Milford PA Day 1

This set of photos begins in West Virginia, along I-64, where Winfield has been removed from the exit signs for WV 34 because of the new US 35 alignment.

Winfield has been added to the exit for new US 35. The new route is currently open only to the WV 34 exit; US 35 joins WV 34 and they run concurrently to Winfield.

Old US 35 has been renumbered WV 817.

Clearview comes to West Virginia!

More Clearview!

Fast-forwarding to Exit 99 on I-79. This is on US 33 west/US 119 south approaching the ramps to I-79.

Heading north on I-79.

The bridge for CR 7 at the Jane Lew exit has metal supports. This is the only such bridge on I-79 in West Virginia.

These mile markers have been installed on I-79 in northern West Virginia.

A snowstorm was starting to hit the Clarksburg area.

Hard to tell from the snow, but the WV 58 panel sign has button copy.

The bridge in the background is for a not-yet-opened exit on I-79. Space is provided to mount the sign, when the exit opens, on the overhead gantry.

This sign for the US 119 exit on I-68 is on the left side of the ramp from I-79 north to I-68 east.

Looking down the hill toward the Cheat Lake bridge. No evidence of construction for ramps from I-68 to WV 43 can be seen.

Button copy sign. This sign and its counterpart on the westbound side of I-68 are the only two green guide signs left along I-68 that feature button copy.

Entering snowy Maryland.

Our dogs are quite fond of pig ears as a tasty, crunchy treat. Wonder how this road got its name?

Power for the lighting of this and other overhead signs is supplied by the south-facing solar panels.