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Tennessee trip
March 26-29, 2010
Days 1-2 (Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia)

These photos are from my trip to Tennessee in March 2010. These photos are from Days 1-2 of the trip and are from southwestern Virginia, east Tennessee, western North Carolina, northern Georgia, and middle and west Tennessee. Thumbnails for the 724 photos span five pages. Use the arrow buttons in the upper left corner of the page to navigate the thumbnail pages. To view the full-sized photos, click on one of the thumbnails on this page. You will then be able to view the images on individual Web pages.

This set of trip photos starts along US 23 in Virginia. Over the years I've somehow managed to take photos of practically every sign along the route, but occasionally a new one will slip in, such as this Clearview mileage sign.

More Clearview on US 23, this at the intersection of US 58 and US 421 at Duffield.

And still more Clearview.

VA 224 is now signed at the Gate City intersection of US 58 and US 421.

VA 224 is signed here, but this is also US 58/421. In the distance you can see where the US routes turn left off this new alignment.

VA 224 continues to the Tennessee line, where it becomes TN 93.

More Clearview. It appears that Virginia is using Clearview for new sign installations on surface routes, in addition to guide signs on freeways and interstates.

No mention of US 421.

Carter Fold is the home of the famous Carter Family country music stars, including June Carter Cash (Johnny Cash's wife).

Approaching I-81.

US 58 joins the interstate but US 421 continues on to downtown Bristol.

This old overhead is still standing; an overhead of similar vintage on Euclid Avenue at VA 381 has been replaced.

At State Street, which marks the state line between Tennessee and Virginia. Ahead is Volunteer Parkway, to the rear is Commonwealth Avenue.

First US 11E and US 19 signs in Tennessee.

One of the few places where TN 34 is signed as a standalone route; in most places it is one of the "secret" unsigned routes along a US highway.

There are some subtle shield shape differences in the US route markers along this route.

Hallowed ground to a NASCAR fan: Bristol Motor Speedway.

These Bike Route signs have a font that looks a little like Clearview.

The legend says "TDOT HWY 11E."

Approaching the split of US 19 into its E and W components.

US 19E is the major route here of the two split portions. It serves Elizabethton and is a very good route all the way into North Carolina where the split sections rejoin. US 19W, on the other hand, is co-signed with other routes for much of its length and its standalone portion is a very narrow, crooked and mountainous two-lane route.

Boo! Hiss! Traffic light cameras!

This appears to be the camera array.

TN 36 is the old route of US 23.

US 19W departs US 11E and joins US 23 and I-26.

TN 381, State of Franklin Road, serves as a northern surface bypass of Johnson City.

US 321 joins US 11E southbound here.

On the campus of East Tennessee State University.

Detour I-40 signs have been installed along I-26. At the time of this photo, I-40 in North Carolina was closed due to a rockslide. That road has enough issues that the detour signage ought to remain up permanently here.

US 19W departs the US 23/I-26 freeway for a torturous border crossing into North Carolina.

No joke.

TN 352, at this location, is the old route of US 23. You can see the freeway in the background.

This is one of the tamer sections of US 19W.

Drizzle and darkness screwed up this photo, but his is at the TN-NC line.

US 19W in North Carolina.

This intersection is the old split of US 19 into 19E and 19W. You can see the new alignment in the background.

The end of US 19W (and 19E as well).

A widening project is underway to expand US 19 and US 19E to four lanes.

The I-40 detour signage is installed here as well.

Fog shrouds the North Carolina mountains.

US 23 is signed in Tennessee.

Where US 19W joins US 23.

Birdhouses have been installed on the backs of some of the signs in this area.

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