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Tennessee trip
March 26-29, 2010
Days 1-2
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Day 2's photos begin here.

Heading south on US 23.

I've always loved the view of the mountains in this area.

A new Tennessee welcome center has been built on I-26.

This is the first future I-26 sign past the US 19/US 23 merge.

There is no direct connection from I-240 west to I-40 east, so traffic has to use NC 191.

With the closure of I-40 in the Smoky Mountains, there was very little traffic west of Asheville. But there was still some pretty scenery.

There are several stretches of I-40 near Canton that have these brown numeric markers on the side of the road. Not sure what these are for...

This shot shows the brown markers facing east on the west side of the road.

Heading west on the US 74 freeway.

US 19 and US 23, which have been a surface route paralleling US 74 and I-40, join the freeway

Approaching the split of US 19 from US 23 and US 74. At one time US 74 was not signed on this route and the freeway was signed as US 19A.

Since US 19 rejoins US 74 near Bryson City, thru trucks are directed to stay on the freeway.

For many years, I-40 was not completed between Asheville and Knoxville, and traffic was detoured from US 276 to US 19, back to I-40 heading east.

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