WestVirginia State Routes 1-49


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Ending Point
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WV 1
There is no WV 1.
WV 2
US 60, Cabell
US 30, Hancock
Cabell, Mason, Jackson, Wood, Pleasants, Tyler, Wetzel, Marshall, Ohio, Brooke, Hancock

WV 2 Spur
Ohio State Line, Brooke
WV 2, Brooke
Bridge over Ohio River from Follansbee, W. Va., to Steubenville, Ohio. This route may not be signed.
WV 2 Spur
WV 2, Mason
WV 62, Mason
Located in Point Pleasant. Route is signed as either North WV 62 or South WV 2, depending on direction of travel.
Alt. WV 2
WV 2, Marshall
WV 2, Marshall
Located near Moundsville. Some old signs remain, but not many.
WV 3
WV 10, Lincoln
WV 311, Monroe
Lincoln, Boone, Raleigh, Summers, Greenbrier, Monroe

Alt. WV 3
WV 3, Boone
WV 3, Boone
Located in Whitesville. Route may not be signed.
Alt. WV 3
WV 3, Raleigh
WV 3, Raleigh
Located in Beckley. Route may not be signed.
WV 4
US 119, Kanawha
WV 20, Upshur
Kanawha, Clay, Braxton, Lewis, Upshur

WV 5
WV 14, Wirt
US 19, Braxton
Wirt, Calhoun, Gilmer, Braxton

WV 6
WV 61, Fayette
US 60, Kanawha
Fayette, Kanawha
Bridge over Kanawha River, connecting WV 61 at Montgomery to US 60 at Smithers. Route not signed.
WV 7
Ohio State Line, Wetzel
Maryland State Line, Preston
Wetzel, Monongalia, Preston
Bridge over Ohio River at New Martinsville connects WV 7 to OH 7, but this is not a continuous route between the two states. Bridge route is not signed.
WV 8
WV 2, Hancock
US 30, Hancock

WV 9
Maryland State Line, Morgan
Virginia State Line, Jefferson
Morgan, Hampshire, Berkeley, Jefferson
Appears to be a continuation of VA 9.
WV 10
US 19, Mercer
US 60, Cabell
Mercer, Wyoming, Logan, Lincoln, Cabell

WV 10
WV 10, Cabell
US 60, Cabell

WV 12
US 219, Monroe
US 60, Greenbrier
Monroe, Summers, Greenbrier

WV 13
There is no WV 13. Superstitious, are we?
WV 14
US 33/119, Roane
I-77, Wood
Roane, Wirt, Wood

Alt. WV 14
WV 14, Wood
US 50, Wood
Located in Parkersburg. Route may not be marked.
WV 15
WV 4, Braxton
US 219/WV 55, Randolph
Braxton, Webster, Randolph

WV 16
Virginia State Line, McDowell
WV 2, Pleasants
McDowell, Wyoming, Raleigh, Fayette, Nicholas, Clay, Calhoun, Ritchie, Pleasants
Dyslexic's nightmare -- the multiplex of WV 16 and WV 61 in Fayette County.
Alt. WV 16
WV 16, McDowell
WV 16, McDowell
Located in Welch. Route may not be signed.
Alt. WV 16
WV 16, Raleigh
WV 16, Raleigh
Located in Beckley. Route not signed. Basically an extended turn lane from WV 16 south to WV 3 west.
WV 17
WV 10, Logan
WV 85, Boone
Logan, Boone
Former route of US 119 between Logan and Madison.
WV 18
WV 47, Gilmer
Ohio State Line, Tyler
Gilmer, Doddridge, Tyler
Route begins at Ohio River ferry at Sistersville. May not be marked between ferry and WV 2.
WV 20
US 52, Mercer
WV 7, Wetzel
Mercer, Summers, Fayette, Greenbrier, Nicholas, Webster, Upshur, Harrison, Wetzel

WV 20S
WV 20, Harrison
WV 20, Harrison
Located in Clarksburg. Route not signed. Road is actually a one-way street; WV 20 southbound.
WV 20 Conn.
WV 20S, Harrison
WV 20, Harrison
Located in Clarksburg. Route not signed.
WV 21
There is no WV 21. US 21 ran from Bluefield to Williamstown, roughly parallel to I-77, before it was decommissioned in the early 1970s. The former route of US 21 in Kanawha, Jackson, Wirt and Wood counties is marked as County Road 21 in each county.
WV 23
WV 18, Tyler
US 50, Harrison
Tyler, Doddridge, Harrison

WV 24
US 219, Preston
US 50, Preston

WV 25
WV 62, Putnam
US 60, Kanawha
Putnam, Kanawha

Alt. WV 25
WV 25, Kanawha
WV 25, Kanawha
Located in Dunbar. Route not signed.
WV 25S
US 60, Kanawha
WV 25, Kanawha
Bridge over Kanawha River between Nitro/Dunbar and St. Albans. Route not signed.
WV 26
US 50, Preston
Pennsylvania State Line, Preston

WV 27
WV 2, Brooke
Pennsylvania State Line, Brooke

Alt. WV 27
WV 2, Brooke
Pennsylvania State Line, Brooke
I have no idea why this road is labeled Alt. WV 27. It does not intersect WV 27.
WV 28
WV 39, Pocahontas
Maryland State Line, Mineral
Pocahontas, Pendleton, Grant, Hardy, Mineral

Alt. WV 28
WV 28, Mineral
Maryland State Line, Mineral

WV 28 Wye
US 33/WV 55, Pendleton
WV 28/55, Pendleton
Short connector route at Seneca Rocks. Not signed.
WV 29
WV 55/259, Hardy
WV 9, Hampshire
Hardy, Hampshire

WV 31
Ohio State Line, Wood
WV 16, Ritchie
Wood, Ritchie
Route is not signed between Ohio state line and I-77/WV 14 intersection at Williamstown.
WV 32
US 33/WV 55, Randolph
US 219, Tucker
Randolph, Tucker

WV 34
WV 3, Lincoln
I-77, Jackson
Lincoln, Putnam, Jackson

Alt. WV 34
US 60, Putnam
WV 34, Putnam
Located in Hurricane. Also signed as Business WV 34.
WV 36
WV 4, Clay
US 119, Roane
Clay, Roane

WV 37
Kentucky State Line, Wayne
WV 10, Lincoln
Wayne, Lincoln

Alt. WV 37
WV 37, Wayne
WV 37, Wayne
Located in Wayne. Route may not be signed.
WV 38
US 250, Barbour
WV 72, Tucker
Barbour, Tucker

WV 39
US 60/WV 16, Fayette
Virginia State Line, Pocahontas
Fayette, Nicholas, Greenbrier, Pocahontas
Appears to be a continuation of VA 39. Much of this route is multiplexed with other highways (WV 16 for seven miles, WV 55 for 31 miles, US 219/WV 55 for eight miles, and WV 92 for nine miles).
WV 41
WV 210, Raleigh
WV 55, Nicholas
Raleigh, Fayette, Nicholas
Much of this route is the former route of US 19.
WV 42
WV 28/55, Grant
Maryland State Line, Mineral
Grant, Mineral

WV 43
There is no WV 43. The section of WV 55 between Muddlety and Calvin in Nicholas County was once signed as WV 43. The West Virginia DOT plans to post the Mon-Fayette Expressway as WV 43, to continue Pennsylvania's desgnation of the route as PA 43. Read about the plan here.
WV 44
US 52, Logan
US 119, Logan
Former route of US 119. Route is poorly signed between WV 73 at Logan and US 119 near Holden
WV 45
Virginia State Line, Berkeley
WV 480, Jefferson
Berkeley, Jefferson

WV 46 (Southwest Section)
WV 42, Mineral
Maryland State Line, Mineral
A portion of this road, between Elk Garden (WV 42) and Piedmont, is gravel. This is the one of the only two state-signed gravel roads on the West Virginia state system.
WV 46 (Northeast Section)
Maryland State Line, Mineral
WV 28, Mineral
This route crosses briefly into Maryland, instead of following the Potomac River on the West Virginia side.
WV 47
US 50, Wood
US 33/119, Gilmer
Wood, Wirt, Ritchie, Gilmer
Dyslexic's nightmare -- the intersection of WV 47 and WV 74 in Gilmer County.
WV 48
There is no WV 48. WV 48 used to exist on the current route of WV 480, but the number was switched to US 48 when that route was built. When US 48 was renumbered I-68, the number was not reassigned. However, West Virginia plans to resurrect the number and use it on the proposed Appalachian Corridor H, between Elkins and I-81 in Virginia. Read about the plan here.
WV 49
Kentucky State Line, Mingo
US 52, Mingo

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