WestVirginia State Routes 51-99


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Ending Point
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WV 51
WV 45, Berkeley
WV 115, Jefferson
Berkeley, Jefferson

WV 53
WV 5, Wirt
WV 47, Ritchie
Wirt, Ritchie

WV 54
WV 16, Wyoming
WV 97, Wyoming
On the map, this route appears to be only five miles long, from Mullens to Maben. The portion of WV 97 between Maben and I-64/I-77 at Beckley used to be numbered WV 54. If you know anything else about WV 54, please E-mail me.
WV 55
US 19, Nicholas
Virginia State Line, Hardy
Nicholas, Greenbrier, Pocahontas, Randolph, Pendleton, Grant, Hardy
Appears to be a continuation of VA 55. Originally ended at US 220 at Moorefield in Hardy County. In the 1970s or 1980s, WV 55 was extended westward to its current terminus. All but six miles at the extreme western end of that route was multiplexed onto existing routes, and that portion used to be numbered WV 43. This begs the question -- why? Why not just number that western portion 191, 201, or something else which reflects the existing routes in the area (US 19, WV 20, WV 41)? Or why not retain the WV 43 designation? The apparent reason is because WV 55 is designated as a scenic corridor, and it carries the same route number for continuity's sake.
WV 56
There is no WV 56. Formerly, WV 56 was located in Jackson County, between WV 2 and I-77. This highway is now numbered WV 2.
WV 57
WV 20, Harrison
US 119, Barbour
Harrison, Barbour

WV 58
WV 20, Harrison
US 50, Harrison

WV 59
WV 59 does not appear on the official state map. An unsigned WV 59 may exist from WV 259 to the Virginia State Line in Hardy County, with three miles of blacktop surface and five miles of gravel surface.
WV 61
WV 41, Raleigh
US 60, Kanawha
Raleigh, Fayette, Kanawha
Dyslexic's nightmare -- the multiplex of WV 61 and WV 16 in Fayette County.
Alt. WV 61
WV 61, Fayette
WV 16/61, Fayette
Located in Mt. Hope. Route not signed.
WV 61 Spur
I-64 & I-77, Kanawha
US 60, Kanawha
New bridge connecting Chelyan and US 60, including a link to the West Virginia Turnpike. Read more about the bridge, courtesy of the West Virginia DOT.
WV 62
WV 25, Kanawha
US 33, Mason
Kanawha, Putnam, Mason

WV 63
WV 12, Greenbrier
US 60, Greenbrier

WV 65
WV 49, Mingo
US 52, Mingo
Route recently extended from US 52 at Delbarton south to WV 49 at Matewan.
WV 66
US 219/WV 55, Pocahontas
WV 28/92, Pocahontas

WV 67
WV 2, Brooke
Pennsylvania State Line, Brooke

WV 68
WV 2, Jackson
I-77/WV 2, Wood
Jackson, Wood
This is the only West Virginia route whose number is duplicated (WV 68; I-68.) Former route of WV 2, before WV 2 was routed across old WV 56 and multiplexed with I-77. Prior to that, it was the short route connecting WV 49 at Matewan with KY 1056.
WV 69
US 250, Wetzel
Pennsylvania State Line, Wetzel

WV 71
US 52, Mercer
WV 10, Mercer

WV 72
WV 32, Tucker
WV 7, Preston
Tucker, Preston

Alt. WV 72
WV 72, Preston
WV 26, Preston
Route may not be signed. Short connector road south of Kingwood.
WV 73
US 119, Logan
WV 10, Logan
New spur route connecting new US 119 northwest of Logan to downtown Logan.
WV 74
WV 47, Gilmer
WV 18, Tyler
Gilmer, Ritchie, Tyler
Dyslexic's nightmare -- the intersection of WV 47 and WV 74 in Gilmer County.
WV 75
WV 152, Wayne
US 60, Wayne
The signage of the portion of the route between I-64 and US 60 in Kenova has been inconsistent over the years. It is now signed, but was not for many years in the 1980s.
WV 76
US 50, Harrison
US 119, Barbour
Harrison, Barbour

WV 78
There is no WV 78. However, West Virginia plans to use it on the proposed Shawnee Expressway from US 52 at Crumpler in Mercer County to I-77 at Ghent. Read about the plan here.
WV 80
WV 83, McDowell
WV 10, Logan
McDowell, Wyoming, Logan

WV 82
US 19, Nicholas
WV 20, Webster
Nicholas, Webster

WV 83
Virginia State Line, McDowell
WV 16, McDowell
Appears to be a continuation of VA 83.
WV 84
WV 92, Pocahontas
Virginia State Line, Pocahontas
Appears to be a continuation of VA 84.
WV 85
WV 10, Wyoming
US 119, Boone
Wyoming, Boone

WV 86
US 250/WV 2, Marshall
WV 88, Marshall

WV 87
WV 2, Mason
US 33, Jackson
Mason, Jackson

WV 88
US 250, Marshall
WV 27, Brooke
Marshall, Ohio, Brooke

WV 89
WV 89 no longer exists. Formerly ran from WV 2 in Wetzel County to US 250 in Marshall County. Now designated County Route 89 in both counties.
WV 90
US 219, Tucker
US 50, Grant
Tucker, Grant

WV 91
There is no WV 91. Mylan Murray reports that WV 91 once existed in Wheeling, and the route is now numbered County Route 91.
WV 92
I-64/US 60, Greenbrier
WV 7, Preston
Greenbrier, Pocahontas, Randolph, Barbour, Preston

WV 93
WV 32, Tucker
US 50, Mineral
Tucker, Grant, Mineral

WV 94
WV 3, Boone
WV 61, Kanawha
Boone, Kanawha
Former route of US 119.
WV 95
WV 68, Wood
I-77/WV 2, Wood

WV 96
There is no WV 96.
WV 97
US 52/WV 80, Wyoming
I-64 & I-77, Raleigh
Wyoming, Raleigh
Multiplexed with WV 16 from NW of Sophia to the WV Turnpike. The portion of WV 97 between Maben and I-64/I-77 at Beckley used to be numbered WV 54. If you know anything else about WV 97, please E-mail me.
WV 98
WV 20, Harrison
US 50, Harrison

WV 99
WV 85, Boone
WV 3, Raleigh
Boone, Wyoming, Raleigh

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