WestVirginia Three-Digit State Routes

How do three-digit routes in WestVirginia get their numbers? To be truthful, I have no idea, as thereis no rhyme or reason to the way three-digit numbers are assigned. Ido have a few theories, however.
Some numbers, such as 259 and 311, appear to be continuations ofroutes from other states. Others get numbers based on the numbersthey used to have before new highways were built. For instance, theformer route of US 52 south of Huntington is now WV 152. And when WV48 was renumbered when US 48 was built, it became WV 480.
But I think many of the roads that have three-digit numbers wereformer county roads that have been accepted into the state system. Myreason for thinking this is an understanding of the way county roadsare numbered in West Virginia. Many of them are numbered based on themain roads in the area. For instance, a highway which branches off ofUS 52 might be numbered and signed thus:

This is one ofthe famous West Virginia "fractional routes." Below is an actualphoto of one of these signs, along US 52 in Wayne County:

This sign is located on WV 62 nearCharleston:

Say the highway 52/1 in my homemadeexample above later becomes a state route. It might get the number WV521. Examples of this type of numbering might be WV 622, which islocated near WV 62; and WV 211, which is near the former US 21. Ifanyone has any better theories, I'dlove to hear them.


Starting Point
(West or South)

Ending Point
(East or North)



WV 100
US 19, Monongalia
US 19, Monongalia

WV 101
US 60, Cabell
US 60, Cabell
Old two-mile section of US 60. Not signed. A part of Eighth Avenue and 29th Street West in Huntington.
WV 102
Virginia State Line, Mercer
Virginia State Line, Mercer
Apparently a continuation of VA 102. Does not intersect any other West Virginia state highway.
WV 103
WV 161, McDowell
US 52/WV 16, McDowell

WV 104
US 19, Mercer
US 460, Mercer
Part of this route is old US 460.
WV 105
WV 2, Hancock
US 22, Brooke
Hancock, Brooke
Pennsylvania Avenue and Colliers Way in Weirton.
WV 106
US 60, Cabell
Ohio State Line, Cabell
Huntington's East End Bridge. Route number is not signed.
WV 107
WV 3, Summers
WV 20, Summers
Located in Hinton.
WV 112
US 19, Mercer
US 460, Mercer
Originally signed as WV 12, when WV 12 followed US 219 and US 460 into Giles County, Va., and back into West Virginia.
WV 114
US 60, Kanawha
I-79, Kanawha
Old WV 14.
WV 115
US 340, Jefferson
WV 9, Jefferson
Old WV 9 through Ranson and Charles Town. Route not signed.
WV 122
WV 12, Summers
US 219, Monroe
Summers, Monroe

WV 123
Virginia State Line, Mercer
US 19/460, Mercer

WV 125
Raleigh, Summers
This route does not yet exist, but the route number is reserved for the proposed New River Parkway (according to WVDOT).
WV 127
WV 29, Hampshire
Virginia State Line, Hampshire
Apparently a continuation of VA 127.
WV 129
WV 39, Nicholas
WV 41, Nicholas

WV 131
US 19, Harrison
US 50, Harrison
Former route of old WV 73 (County Route 73/73) and County Route 13. (Info courtesy Michael Miller of Charleston, W. Va.)
WV 150
WV 55, Pocahontas
WV 219/WV 55, Pocahontas
Highland Scenic Byway.
WV 152
US 52, Wayne
I-64/WV 527, Cabell
Wayne, Cabell
Former route of US 52. Becomes WV 527 at the I-64 interchange.
WV 161
WV 16, McDowell
US 52, McDowell

WV 180
WV 18, Tyler
WV 2, Wetzel
Tyler, Wetzel

WV 210
US 19, Raleigh
WV 16, Raleigh
Kanawha Street in Beckley.
WV 211
WV 16, Fayette
WV 16/61, Fayette
Located in Mt. Hope. Old alignment of US 21.
WV 214
WV 3, Lincoln
US 119/WV 601, Kanawha
Lincoln, Kanawha
Old WV 14. Route is not signed in its entirety; only from WV 3 to US 119 in Lincoln County. Route is not signed from US 119 intersection to South Charleston.
WV 218
US 19, Marion
Pennsylvania State Line, Monongalia
Marion, Monongalia
Appears to be a continuation of PA 218.
WV 230
US 340, Jefferson
WV 480, Jefferson

WV 251
WV 2, Ohio
South Front Street, Ohio
Bridge between downtown Wheeling and Ohio River island; may have been a part of US 40 and/or US 250 at one time. Historic Wheeling Suspension Bridge designed by John Roebling. Route not signed.
WV 252
North Huron Street, Ohio
Ohio State Line, Ohio
Bridge between Ohio River island at Wheeling and Ohio; may have been a part of US 40 and/or US 250 at one time. Route not signed.
WV 259
Virginia State Line, Hardy
Virginia State Line, Hampshire
Hardy, Hampshire
Appears to be a continuation of VA 259.
WV 270
US 19, Harrison
I-79, Harrison
New state route. Formerly County Route 27.
WV 305
WV 97, Raleigh
WV 3, Raleigh

WV 307
US 19, Raleigh
US 19, Raleigh
This route serves Little Beaver State Park.
WV 310
US 50, Taylor
US 250, Marion
Taylor, Marion

WV 311 (North Section)
Virginia State Line, Greenbrier
I-64/US 60, Greenbrier
Appears to be a continuation of VA 311. Possibly a very old former alignment of US 311.
WV 311 (South Section)
Virginia State Line, Monroe
Virginia State Line, Monroe
Appears to be a continuation of VA 311. Possibly a very old former alignment of US 311.
WV 331
US 33/WV 2, Jackson
US 33, Jackson

WV 338
WV 68, Jackson
Ohio State Line, Jackson
Bridge crossing Ohio River at Ravenswood, connecting WV 68 with OH 124 and OH 338.
WV 480
WV 9, Jefferson
Maryland State Line, Jefferson
This route was WV 48 until US 48 was opened in the 1970s.
WV 527
I-64/WV 152, Cabell
Ohio State Line, Cabell
Former route of US 52. A continuation of OH 527, although an extension of WV 152 would have worked just as well.
WV 501
WV 62, Kanawha
WV 622, Kanawha

WV 598
Virginia State Line, Mercer
US 52, Mercer
Former route of US 52 (and also US 21). Apparently a continuation of VA 598.
WV 601
US 119/WV 214, Kanawha
US 60, Kanawha

WV 612
I-64/I-77, Fayette
US 19, Fayette

WV 622
WV 25, Kanawha
I-77, Kanawha

WV 635
Virginia State Line, McDowell
WV 83, McDowell
Probably a continuation of VA Secondary Route 635.
WV 705
US 19/WV 7, Monongalia
US 119, Monongalia

WV 807
Ohio State Line, Pleasants
WV 2, Pleasants
Bridge over Ohio River at St. Marys. Route not signed. Possibly a continuation of OH 807.
WV 869
US 35, Putnam
WV 62, Putnam
Bridge over Kanawha River
WV 891
US 250, Marshall
Pennsylvania State Line, Marshall

WV 892
WV 68, Wood
WV 68, Wood

WV 901
WV 9, Berkeley
US 11, Berkeley

WV 956
WV 28, Mineral
Maryland State Line, Mineral

WV 971
WV 97, Wyoming
WV 10, Wyoming

WV 972
US 50, Mineral
US 220, Mineral

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